Magazine: Summer 2012

Acoustic Behavior

The North Atlantic right whale is a highly endangered species of baleen whale found off the East coast of the United States. Also featuring: Vanishing Cultures, Operation Compassionate Care, Cultural Landmark, Commencement 2012.

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Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Harvesting the Rains for a Parched World
  • Orange Women's Lacrosse: A Season to Remember
  • University Treasures: Spinning Art
  • Outdoor Education: On the Trail of Adventure
  • Science Horizons: Inspiring Young People to Explore Scientific World
  • Books and Cooks!: Commitment to Action
  • Research Snapshot: Acoustic Behavior

SU People

  • Paul Smyth: Emergency Work
  • Carla Lopez: Global Interests
  • Katherine McDonald: Full Participation
  • Theodore Williams: Hands-On Approach
  • Sandra Hewett: New Horizons in Neuroscience
  • Kola Owolabi: The Music of His Life


  • Vanishing Cultures
  • Operation Compassionate Care
  • Cultural Landmark
  • Commencement 2012

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Bustles to Bermudas
  • Josh Young '03: An Electrifying Broadway Debut
  • Carol Martineau Baldwin '52: Couragous Crusader
  • Jason Jedlinski '99: 21st-Century Storytelling
  • Shane Evans '93: Drawing on Observation
  • Q&A with Meredith Goldstein '99: Plight of the Single Wedding Guest
  • Todd Rubin '04: Tea Time
  • Tribute: Discovering Inspiration
  • Tony Awards: Alumni Honored as Broadway’s Best
  • Paula Martin '68: Education Advocate
  • The View: Bassel Al Shahade