Magazine: Summer 2012

Acoustic Behavior

The North Atlantic right whale is a highly endangered species of baleen whale found off the East coast of the United States. Also featuring: Vanishing Cultures, Operation Compassionate Care, Cultural Landmark, Commencement 2012.

Summer 2012 issue cover featuring whales

Cover Story

Acoustic Behavior

There are currently several areas of concern relating to human interactions with marine mammals. The most critical risks may result in the injury or death of individual animals, for example, through collisions with vessels, entanglement in gear, and exposure to explosions and high-intensity sounds.


Vanishing Cultures

Newhouse alumni Taylor Weidman and Nina Wegner document threatened indigenous communities as a way to make the world aware of their plights and to preserve their traditions. 

Operation Compassionate Care

As the trauma of war takes its toll, social workers stand at the forefront of helping soldiers, veterans, and their families overcome difficult challenges.

Cultural Landmark

For four dedcades, the Community Folk Art Center has nurtured artists of the African Diaspora and serviced as a welcoming creative space for Syracuse residents of all ages.

Commencement 2012

Photographs and highlights of the University's 158th Commencement.

Also in this Issue

Chancellor's Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Harvesting the Rains for a Parched World
  • Orange Women's Lacrosse: A Season to Remember
  • University Treasures: Spinning Art
  • Outdoor Education: On the Trail of Adventure
  • Science Horizons: Inspiring Young People to Explore Scientific World
  • Books and Cooks!: Commitment to Action
  • Research Snapshot: Acoustic Behavior

SU People

  • Paul Smyth: Emergency Work
  • Carla Lopez: Global Interests
  • Katherine McDonald: Full Participation
  • Theodore Williams: Hands-On Approach
  • Sandra Hewett: New Horizons in Neuroscience
  • Kola Owolabi: The Music of His Life

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Bustles to Bermudas
  • Josh Young '03: An Electrifying Broadway Debut
  • Carol Martineau Baldwin '52: Couragous Crusader
  • Jason Jedlinski '99: 21st-Century Storytelling
  • Shane Evans '93: Drawing on Observation
  • Q&A with Meredith Goldstein '99: Plight of the Single Wedding Guest
  • Todd Rubin '04: Tea Time
  • Tribute: Discovering Inspiration
  • Tony Awards: Alumni Honored as Broadway’s Best
  • Paula Martin '68: Education Advocate
  • The View: Bassel Al Shahade