Magazine: Fall/Winter 2011

Spectral Signatures

Professor Tim Korter and his research group are pioneering advances in identifying chemical compounds. Also featuring: From the Hill to the Hall, The Diplomat, Service to Syracuse, Remembrance and Hope, A Mission that Matters.

Fall/Winter 2011 cover featuring student performing mathematical calculations on a board Download Issue   [PDF, 17MB]

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Information Technology Initiative: Networking in Haiti
  • SU in LA: A New Home in Southern California
  • University Treasures: A Grove Press Gem
  • Study Abroad: Discovering Paris
  • Orange Television Network: Campus TV Goes HD
  • Tranfer Transition: Community College Connections
  • Transnational NGO Initiative
  • Newsmakers 
  • Sports: ACC Bound
  • Research Snapshot: The Case of Energy

SU People

  • Dr. Spiro Tzetzis: Promoting Health and Wellness
  • Brianna Carrier: Adventures Far and Wide
  • J. Michael Haynie: Game Changer
  • Paul Longchamps: Hitting the Trail
  • Chase Catalano: Social Justice Education


  • From the Hill to the Hall
  • The Diplomat
  • Spectral Signatures
  • Service to Syracuse
  • Remembrance and Hope
  • A Mission that Matters

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Fastest in the Land
  • Orange Connection: Motivated for Change
  • Orange Legacy: A Special Place for the Daniels Family
  • Orange Central Photo Gallery
  • Garland Jeffreys '65: Fearless Music
  • Joe Ehrmann '73: Transformational Coach
  • Kimberly Blackwell '92: Building Brand Confidence
  • James Little G'76: Vividly Abstract
  • The View: Margie Hughto