Magazine: Summer 2011

The Story Master

The University celebrates the art of Professor Jerome Witkin with a 40-year retrospective. Also featuring: Near and Far, Urban Spark, Transformative Vision.

Summer 2011 cover featuring painting by Jerome Witkin Download Issue   [PDF, 9MB]

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Biomedical Engineering: Problem Solving in Ghana
  • Q&A: Dylan Keeps on Keepin' On at 70
  • SU Humanities Center: Pursuing Peace
  • Research Snapshot: Too Big to Fail?
  • Belfer Audio Archive: A Solid Gold Radio Show Hits the Air
  • University Treasures: Pulp Culture
  • Japanese Relief Efforts: Campus Rallies to Aid Earthquake and Tsunami Victims
  • Regional Campaign Update: Miles Apart, Close at Heart
  • Newsmakers
  • Commencement 2011

SU People

  • Captain Michael Stephens: Balancing Service and Studies
  • Ruth Sullivan: Dietary Delights
  • Farhana Sultana: World of Water
  • Jessica Santana: A Driving Force
  • Tom Kennedy: Digital Storytelling


  • Near and Far
  • The Story Master
  • Urban Spark
  • Transformative Vision

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: The Syracuse Triad
  • Prized Journalism: Two Alumni Honored with Pulitzers
  • Connecting Cultures through Words and Technology
  • In the First Person: Rainbow-Colored Days
  • Jackie Savage McFee '94: A Brand of Her Own
  • Orange Legacy: The Manley Connection Lives On
  • Debra Person G'08: Against All Odds
  • Kurt Busiek '82: Comic Book Adventures
  • John R. McMahon '77: Battling the 'Big Muddy'
  • Q&A with Alan Will '73: Overseeing the Nation's Nuke Detecting Lab
  • Dennis Crowley '98: The 'Mayor' of Innovation
  • The View: Syracuse Soldiers