Magazine: Fall/Winter 2010

The Art of Bill Viola

Bill Viola found a passion for video in Syracuse that set him on a path to the frontiers of artistic creativity. Also featuring: Phantastic!, Spoleto Spectacular, Parent Power, An Enduring Tribute.

Fall 2010 cover featuring a movie being projected on an outdoor screen for the Urban Video Project Download Issue   [PDF, 9MB]

Syracuse Stories

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Photography and Literacy Project: Giving Voice to City School Students
  • Exhibition: Community Curators Explore Art Collection
  • University Treasures: Cartoon Cache
  • Q&A: A Dean's Perspective for the Board of Trustees
  • Financial Literacy: 'I Otto Know This!' Program Takes Mystery our of Loan Process
  • Research Snapshot: Mine-Related Water Contamination
  • Lava Project: An Eruption of Art and Science
  • Newsmakers
  • Women's Ice Hockey: Building from Scratch to Success
  • Syracuse International Film Festival: Made-in-Syracuse Thriller Debuts

SU People

  • Karin Ruhlandt: A Catalyst in Chemistry
  • Patrick J. Alvarez: An Appetite for Greatness
  • Erika Rodriquez: Taking Flight in the Research Lab
  • Chris Uyehara: Masterful Creations
  • Reverend Tiffany Steinwert: Lifelong Passion for Justice
  • Marina Artuso: Poetry and Particle Physics


  • Video Visionary
  • Phantastic!
  • Spoleto Spectacular
  • Parent Power
  • An Enduring Tribute

Alumni Journal

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Tempest Ladies Give Shakespeare New Spin
  • Emmy Awards: Orange Alumni Shine in Primetime
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame: Floyd Little Joins the Pantheon of NFL Greats—at Last
  • Photo Gallery: Orange Central
  • In the First Person: A Dishonorable Legacy
  • Salman Amin '81: Engineering Marketing Solutions
  • Thomas C. Wilmot Sr. '70: Building Futures
  • Nikole Saulsberry '09: Connecting with Care
  • David Plotkin '94: Inspiring a Cure
  • Alumni Club of D.C.: Orange Strengthens Capital Connections
  • Matthew Berry '92: Dream Job in Fantasy Sports World
  • The View: Paired Sperm-storage Organs