Magazine: Summer 2010

Weaving Threads of Hope

Syracuse's Students in Free Enterprise partner with Guatemalan women to build a business they hope will transform lives in a rural community. Also featuring: Crowning Achievements, Return to Leipzig, SU and a Civil War Masterpiece.

Summer 2010 issue cover featuring a Guatemalan girl who Syracuse students met during their trip to Chumanzana

Cover Story

Weaving Threads of Hope

In a tiny, impoverished village in the hills of Guatemala, a group from Syracuse started to make a dream come true for the women in the community. For eight days, the group—five members of the Syracuse University chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), their faculty advisor, and the owner of the Syracuse-area Fair World Marketplace—worked side-by-side with the Mayan residents to set up a business they hoped would improve life there.


Crowning Achievements

Students in the Renee Crown University Honors Program put learning into practice as they push the boundaries of undergraduate education in Capstone Projects. 

Return to Leipzig

After escaping Nazi Germany as a young boy, a longtime Syracuse faculty member revists his childhood and appears in a television show about his family.

SU and a Civil War Masterpiece

As a Syracuse student, Stephen Crane was more focused on baseball than studying, but his time in Syracuse may have been more influential to the writing of The Red Badge of Courage than previously thought. 

Also in this Issue

Chancellor's Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Whitman Day Lecture: Dave Bing 
  • Drama: History Lessions on Stage
  • Cold Case Justice Initiative: Conference Addresses 'Unfinished' Business
  • Tribute: Legacy of a Teacher
  • Veterans Listening Project: Soldier Stories
  • Research Snapshot: Causes and Mechanisms of Focused Exhumation Along the Denali Fault, Eastern Alaska Range
  • University Treasures: A Designer's Creative Process
  • Carbon Storage Project: SU Team Looks To Rangeland Soils to Combat Climate Change
  • Newsmakers
  • Commencement 2010
  • Entrepreneurship: Accelerator Program Sparks Student Ventures

Syracuse People

  • Rachel May: Seeding Solutions to Eco-Challenges 
  • Idriss Njike: Rewarding Experiences
  • Odean Dyer: Bridging Communities
  • Cliff Davidson: Vision for a Sustainable Future
  • Aviva Abramovsky: Risky Business
  • Yingyi Wu: Celebrating Chinese Culture

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Century of Service
  • In the First Person: Running for Avery
  • Orange Legacy: All in the Family
  • Amin Al-Ahmad '92: From the Heart
  • Gaëlle Simon ’00: Relief Efforts
  • Steven Lewis '79: Building Diversity in Architecture
  • Laurie Bean Taishoff '84: Inclusive Support
  • Q&A with James McCommons G’93: Is the Train Due?