Magazine: Summer 2010

Weaving Threads of Hope

Syracuse's Students in Free Enterprise partner with Guatemalan women to build a business they hope will transform lives in a rural community. Also featuring: Crowning Achievements, Return to Leipzig, SU and a Civil War Masterpiece.

Summer 2010 issue cover featuring a Guatemalan girl who Syracuse students met during their trip to Chumanzana Download Issue   [PDF, 7MB]

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Whitman Day Lecture: Dave Bing 
  • Drama: History Lessions on Stage
  • Cold Case Justice Initiative: Conference Addresses 'Unfinished' Business
  • Tribute: Legacy of a Teacher
  • Veterans Listening Project: Soldier Stories
  • Research Snapshot: Causes and Mechanisms of Focused Exhumation Along the Denali Fault, Eastern Alaska Range
  • University Treasures: A Designer's Creative Process
  • Carbon Storage Project: SU Team Looks To Rangeland Soils to Combat Climate Change
  • Newsmakers
  • Commencement 2010
  • Entrepreneurship: Accelerator Program Sparks Student Ventures

SU People

  • Rachel May: Seeding Solutions to Eco-Challenges 
  • Idriss Njike: Rewarding Experiences
  • Odean Dyer: Bridging Communities
  • Cliff Davidson: Vision for a Sustainable Future
  • Aviva Abramovsky: Risky Business
  • Yingyi Wu: Celebrating Chinese Culture


  • Crowning Achievements
  • Return to Leipzig
  • Weaving Threads of Hope
  • SU and a Civil War Masterpiece

Alumni Journal

  • Traditions: Century of Service
  • In the First Person: Running for Avery
  • Orange Legacy: All in the Family
  • Amin Al-Ahmad '92: From the Heart
  • Gaëlle Simon ’00: Relief Efforts
  • Steven Lewis '79: Building Diversity in Architecture
  • Laurie Bean Taishoff '84: Inclusive Support
  • Q&A with James McCommons G’93: Is the Train Due?