Magazine: Spring 2010

Inside Entertainment

Through the L.A. Semester program, students connect with alumni as they learn about work and life in the show business capital. Also featuring: Yellow Ribbon Commitment, Stand Up and Be Seen.

Spring 2010 issue cover featuring illustrated scenes from Los Angeles Download Issue   [PDF, 16MB]

Magazine Contents

Orange Matters

  • Orange Basketball Hall of Fame: Brian Tarrant '96 Gives the Melo Center an Extra Dimension
  • Humphrey Fellows: Public Service Leadership with a Global Reach
  • Cross Country Running: Distance Runners Revive a Winning Tradition
  • Bioengineering: Infection Protection
  • Q&A: A Faculty Perspective for the Board of Trustees
  • Research Snapshots: School Leader Communication Model
  • University Treasures: Totally Plastic
  • Tribute: An Officer and a Gentleman
  • Graduate School Press: Instilling Academic Integrity
  • Student Perspective: Vantage Point Vancouver
  • Forensic Science: Analyzing the Evidence
  • Newsmakers

SU People

  • Larry Seivert: Campus Leader
  • Anthony Callisto Jr.: Advancing Public Safety
  • Keith Bybee: Court of Public Opinion
  • Ed Galvin: Preserving University History
  • Jaipaul Roopnarine: Global Insights on Raising Children
  • Amy Rabideau: Illuminating Research


  • Yellow Ribbon Commitment
  • Inside Entertainment
  • Stand Up and Be Seen

Alumni Journal

  • Social Networking Sites Bring Alumni Together
  • In the First Person: Rescuing a 'Beautiful Lady'
  • Sahar Alnouri '01: Working with the Women of Iraq
  • Orange Legacy: A Family's Journey through SU
  • Steven W. Barnes '82: Strong Accounting
  • Tony Trischka '88: Bluegrass Legend
  • Alumni Association: Forging Strong Alumni Bonds
  • Yvette Hollingsworth G'94: Asset Protection
  • Mary Ann Tyszko G'80, G'83: Natural Resource
  • The View: Record Turnout at the Carrier Dome