Magazine: Spring 2010

Inside Entertainment

Through the L.A. Semester program, students connect with alumni as they learn about work and life in the show business capital. Also featuring: Yellow Ribbon Commitment, Stand Up and Be Seen.

Spring 2010 issue cover featuring illustrated scenes from Los Angeles

Cover Story

Inside Entertainment

Southern California alumni have collaborated with the University to create Syracuse’s Los Angeles Semester, an extraordinary educational immersion opportunity for students pursuing careers in the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry.


Yellow Ribbon Commitment

The University embraces the "New GI Bill," welcoming post-9/11 veterans to campus.

Stand Up and Be Seen

In his inspirational memoir, John Robinson '90 reflects on his days as a Syracuse student and the challengeres he took on as a congenital amputee.

Also in this Issue

Chancellor's Message

Opening Remarks

Orange Matters

  • Orange Basketball Hall of Fame: Brian Tarrant '96 Gives the Melo Center an Extra Dimension
  • Humphrey Fellows: Public Service Leadership with a Global Reach
  • Cross Country Running: Distance Runners Revive a Winning Tradition
  • Bioengineering: Infection Protection
  • Q&A: A Faculty Perspective for the Board of Trustees
  • Research Snapshots: School Leader Communication Model
  • University Treasures: Totally Plastic
  • Tribute: An Officer and a Gentleman
  • Graduate School Press: Instilling Academic Integrity
  • Student Perspective: Vantage Point Vancouver
  • Forensic Science: Analyzing the Evidence
  • Newsmakers

SU People

  • Larry Seivert: Campus Leader
  • Anthony Callisto Jr.: Advancing Public Safety
  • Keith Bybee: Court of Public Opinion
  • Ed Galvin: Preserving University History
  • Jaipaul Roopnarine: Global Insights on Raising Children
  • Amy Rabideau: Illuminating Research

Alumni Journal

  • Social Networking Sites Bring Alumni Together
  • In the First Person: Rescuing a 'Beautiful Lady'
  • Sahar Alnouri '01: Working with the Women of Iraq
  • Orange Legacy: A Family's Journey through SU
  • Steven W. Barnes '82: Strong Accounting
  • Tony Trischka '88: Bluegrass Legend
  • Alumni Association: Forging Strong Alumni Bonds
  • Yvette Hollingsworth G'94: Asset Protection
  • Mary Ann Tyszko G'80, G'83: Natural Resource
  • The View: Record Turnout at the Carrier Dome