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Financial Literacy

​Master your finances

Let the Office of Financial Literacy be your guide. Access one-on-one coaching, learn essential skills, and attend an event to hone your money management strategy.

Speak with a financial coach

Five core principles make up personal finance. Knowledge of these concepts, coupled with discipline over time, will help you make wise money decisions today and plan for a strong financial future.

  1. Don't buy things you can't afford
    Done wisely, borrowing money can help you establish and build credit. However, interest, fees, and over-borrowing can be detrimental to your financial future.
  2. Give every dollar a job
    When it comes to spending, having a plan and shopping for the best value can make a big difference to your bottom line. Build your budget.
  3. Understand your future salary
    Income is your greatest wealth-building tool. Making smart decisions with your money starts with being knowledgeable about your pay and benefits.
  4. The best defense is a good offense
    You can protect your wealth and reduce financial stress by building an emergency fund, protecting against identity theft, and having proper insurance coverage.
  5. Pay yourself first
    Kick-start your financial future by saving early and often. It’s never too soon to put away money for a home or retirement.

Request a presentation or workshop to discuss financial topics like money guides, student loan navigation, and building a strong financial foundation.