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JMA Wireless Dome

Raising your voice can also lift your spirits—especially at the JMA Wireless Dome. Fueled by 20 NCAA Division 1 men's and women's athletic teams, we possess an undeniable spirit.

JMA Wireless Dome in early autumn.

The JMA Wireless Dome is a recognizable landmark in the Syracuse skyline.

The JMA Dome is home to the Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse teams. It has also played host to some of the most memorable concerts, championships, and events in the region. In fact, more than eighteen million people have passed through its doors since the building’s first event.

Otto’s Army

Excitement at the JMA Dome sometimes starts weeks before the game, with students lining up and sometimes building resilient “tent towns” in subzero temperatures for front row seats. Led by the passionate Otto’s Army, this group of student fanatics shows off a level of dedication that’s almost unmatched in college athletics. Every university arena has a student section, few have organizations meant to keep the section as fair, fun, and—of course—loud as possible.