University Response to Specific Student Concerns

As a response to specific concerns presented by students peacefully protesting, international students and Jewish students, Syracuse University has committed to providing monthly updates to track progress on all goals.

Progress of Student Concerns and Recommendations

Messages to the Community

Dec. 12

Dec. 5

Dec. 2

Nov. 30

Nov. 29

Nov. 25

Nov. 24

Nov. 22

Nov. 21

Nov. 20

Nov. 19

Nov. 17

Nov. 16

Nov. 15

Nov. 14

Nov. 13

Nov. 12

Nov. 11

Creating an Inclusive, Welcoming and Safe Campus Community

Over the past four years, Syracuse University has taken action and made significant investments to foster an inclusive, welcoming and safe community. These include:

  • Academic enhancements;
  • Faculty and staff training and hiring for diversity;
  • Regular updates to the community;
  • A top to bottom review of Greek Life;
  • Enhancements to Health and Wellness services;
  • Student financial support and student employment services;

And many other actions. See a comprehensive list of actions and investments