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Syracuse in Shanghai Program

For students in Mainland China who are not able to make it to Syracuse in time for the fall 2020 semester, we are pleased to offer Syracuse in Shanghai.

Program dates: August 22—December 10, 2020

Shanghai skyline during the day

Through this American-style higher education program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Study and live alongside other first-year Syracuse University international students on a university campus.
  • Complete in-person and online courses that will count towards your academic degree.
  • Participate in a comprehensive two-day orientation with CIEE and Syracuse staff.
  • Join local study tours and professional development activities created jointly by CIEE and Syracuse to help you build connections with Syracuse University students and alumni.
  • Engage with Syracuse University students and faculty on main campus via virtual events and a peer mentorship program.
  • Spend the semester in a safe and healthy environment with COVID-19 protocols in place.

Syracuse in Shanghai will be offered in partnership with the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), with which Syracuse University has a strong relationship. CIEE is one of the largest study abroad providers in the world and has a strong, established presence in Shanghai at East China Normal University (ECNU). This program is contingent upon enrollment numbers and subject to guidance from public health officials in China.

Program Dates and Deadlines

Program Dates
August 22—December 10, 2020
Deadline to submit Commitment Form*
Monday, June 29, 2020
Deadline to submit Syracuse Abroad Application*
Sunday, July 5, 2020
Online Pre-Departure Orientation
Week of August 3, 2020
Onsite Orientation
Saturday, August 22—Sunday, August 23, 2020
Courses Start
Monday, August 24, 2020
Finals Exams
Thursday, December 3—Wednesday, December 9, 2020
*Students were emailed the Commitment Form on Tuesday, June 23. Once submitted, students will receive a link to the Orange Abroad portal to complete registration forms.


During your 15-week semester, you will take 2 in-person courses taught by CIEE-hired faculty and 2-3 online courses taught by Syracuse University professors. All courses will be taught in English. You will receive academic credit for all courses that you complete through Syracuse in Shanghai.

All courses will meet Syracuse University’s academic standards and will be designed to assist students with their transition to an Syracuse classroom in spring semester. Students will receive SU credit for all coursework completed.

A full list of courses will be available for you in July. You will work with your Syracuse University academic advisor to make your course selections.

Orientation and Training for Participants

Syracuse in Shanghai will begin with a comprehensive orientation to the city, university, and the program, which includes, among other information, an explanation of any local risks that the Center Director (CD) has identified and tips for enhancing personal safety. In addition, each CD distributes local emergency contact information to each participant.

Student Life

You can look forward to staying active during your semester in Shanghai. There will be many opportunities to engage with your fellow Syracuse University classmates, including these planned activities:

  • Visits to local companies will provide professional development and give you the opportunity to learn about various industries and network with Syracuse University alumni living in Shanghai.
  • A peer mentorship program will connect you with a Syracuse University upper class student who will help you get accustomed to life on campus, and prepared to start on main campus in the spring.
  • Events with your fellow Syracuse classmates will connect you socially before arriving to main campus in the spring. Planned activities include football watch parties, movie and game nights and group dinners.

Students participating in Syracuse in Shanghai will be governed by the Syracuse University code of student conduct.

Housing and Student Services

Residence Halls

You and other Syracuse University students have the option to live at the ECNU site in the Baoshan district of Shanghai or at the Putuo campus at ECNU. You will live in a dorm-style room with a roommate who is also a Syracuse University student. Students who live in Shanghai or who have a family member in Shanghai are welcome to commute to campus.

Students will not be permitted to live in non-ECNU housing independently or with another student. Learn more about ECNU housing.


  • Private bathroom with toilet and shower
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Resident Assistants and security staff will be on premises to provide direct support to Syracuse University students.

Health and Safety

At CIEE and Syracuse University, the safety of our students is our primary concern. You will have 24/7 emergency and health, safety, and security support. CIEE conducts annual training of its staff in Health, Safety and Security and employs specific protocols for managing incidents involving our participants. The CIEE Alerts webpage communicates important health and safety updates.

Please note: All participating students are required to have cell phones that function in China, and which do not rely solely on Wi-Fi connections for communications.

COVID-19 Protocol

As COVID-19 continues to affect life around the globe in unprecedented ways, the safety of our students remains our highest priority. Syracuse University will work with CIEE’s Health, Safety, and Security team to actively monitor the health landscape in Shanghai and surrounding areas. CIEE and Syracuse University will directly communicate timely, relevant updates to students and families as needed. View health and safety updates from CIEE.

Campus & Program Facilities

Although you will not be an ECNU student, you will be issued an ECNU Student ID and have access to campus resources. In addition to classroom space, students will have access to computer labs, libraries, athletic facilities, cafeterias, and common areas.

CIEE-affiliated students have also historically been able to join ECNU international student clubs, including:

  • Chinese chess
  • Music meditation club
  • Green Shanghai – sustainability club for students in Shanghai
  • Soccer club
  • Tai Chi (local martial arts) club
  • Yoga club
  • Basketball club
  • Dance club (traditional Chinese dance, hip hop and samba)
  • Calligraphy or Chinese painting class

Syracuse in Shanghai Tuition and Fees

The cost of attendance is an estimate of what it will cost for you to attend Syracuse in Shanghai for the fall 2020 semester. The cost is very comparable to studying on main campus for the fall 2020 semester.

The Syracuse in Shanghai program follows the same payment deadlines as main campus. For now, students should pay what they've already been billed for through Syracuse University. Unless you are on the payment plan, the bill due date is July 17. If your Syracuse in Shanghai charges end up less than what you pay, you will be credited on your bursar account.

Students in ECNU Housing

Direct (Billable) Costs
Syracuse University Tuition (12 – 19 credit hours): $27,135
Estimated Program Fee for Putuo Housing: $6,900
Estimated Program Fee for Baoshan Housing: $6,650
Total Direct (Billable) Costs: $34,035 (Putuo Housing) or $33,785 (Baoshan Housing)
Non-Billable Costs (These are estimated personal expenses and vary according to individual spending habits)
Meals: $1,100
Books/Supplies: $50
Personal Expenses and Travel: $1,500
Subtotal: $2,650
Estimated Program Cost
$36,685 (Putuo Housing) or $36,435 (Baoshan Housing)

Students Not in ECNU Housing*

Direct (Billable) Costs
Syracuse University Tuition (12 – 19 credit hours): $27,135
Estimated Program Fee: $2,150
Total Direct (Billable) Costs: $29,285
Non-Billable Costs (These are estimated personal expenses and vary according to individual spending habits)
Meals: $1,100
Books/Supplies: $50
Personal Expenses and Travel: $1,500
Subtotal: $2,650
Estimated Program Cost
*It is required that students live in ECNU housing unless they live in Shanghai with their family and commute from home, or reside with a family member during the semester.

Program Fee

  • Pre-program orientation in conjunction with CIEE
  • Access to campus services
  • At least 3 local site visits/excursions with Program Coordinator
  • 24/7 emergency and health, safety, and security support
  • Access to computer labs, libraries, athletic facilities, cafeterias, and common areas
  • Access to join ECNU international student clubs, social, and interest groups


  • Double occupancy dorm-style housing with en-suite bathrooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry facilities on premises

Note about Courses

  • Two CIEE courses taught in English plus 2-3 online SU courses
  • Charges for tuition and program fee are fixed and billed through the Syracuse University bursar system. Other expenses are estimated based on current information and are subject to change due to inflation and fluctuating exchange rates.

Cancellation Fees

A student who withdraws from the program on or after July 7 will be responsible for any unrecoverable costs, which will increase as the program start date approaches and could be as high as the total amount owed for the program fee and housing (if applicable).

Contact Us

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