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Discovery Madrid FAQ

Congratulations on your acceptance into Syracuse University’s Discovery Madrid!

Once you have matriculated, Syracuse Abroad will send you a comprehensive Discovery Madrid packet with information to help you prepare for your semester abroad. In the meantime, please read through these answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. What will Discovery Madrid cost?
  2. What are the Advance Tuition Payment and the Advance Housing Payment?
  3. How many students participate in Discovery Madrid?
  4. Do I come to Syracuse before leaving for Madrid?
  5. What is the Syracuse Madrid Center like?
  6. Where will I live in Madrid?
  7. Will I stay with my host family the entire semester?
  8. What courses will I be taking?
  9. What documents are required to study in Spain?
  10. Where can I learn more about Syracuse Madrid?
  11. Madrid, here I come! What is my frst step?

What will Discovery Madrid cost?

Whether you study abroad or study in Syracuse, your tuition costs will be the same. Most additional costs for Discovery Madrid will be offset by a grant.

What are the Advance Tuition Payment and the Advance Housing Payment?

The Advance Tuition Payment ($500) secures your place at Syracuse University and in the Discovery Madrid program for fall. The Advance Housing Payment ($450) holds your place in University housing for spring, when you arrive on Main Campus.

Both deposits and your online Admission Acceptance Form (AAF) should be submitted to Syracuse University no later than February 15 for early decision students and May 1 for regular decision students. For specifc details on the AAF, please refer to the electronic version of your acceptance letter or your admit packet from the Offce of Admissions.

How many students participate in Discovery Madrid?

Discovery Madrid is one of many programs available at the Syracuse Madrid Center. Nearly 150 students attend Syracuse Madrid each fall, including approximately 15 Discovery Madrid students. This means you’ll connect with other first-year students, while also meeting and making connections with upperclass students from Syracuse University and other universities across the United States.

Do I come to Syracuse before leaving for Madrid?

No. Rather than attend orientation in Syracuse, you will go straight to Madrid for a weeklong orientation alongside other Discovery students. Group fights arranged by Syracuse University are available for your travel to Madrid, so you will get to know your classmates before you arrive in Spain.

In January, you’ll come to Syracuse the weekend before the start of spring classes to participate in the University’s Winter Welcome, which will help orient you to Main Campus.

What is the Syracuse Madrid Center like?

Located in the vibrant heart of the city, the Instituto Internacional is the home of Syracuse University Madrid. The Instituto organizes cultural activities for its students, such as lectures, concerts, and seminars, as well as conversation exchange programs to develop links between Americans and Spaniards. The center features computer labs, a library, and a cafe.

Where will I live in Madrid?

You’ll live with Spanish host families either within the city or in the immediate outskirts on a bus line. This enables you to use the Spanish you’ve learned in class and develop deep insight into Spanish culture. The housing coordinator in Madrid makes placements based on extensive experience with each host.

Will I stay with my host family the entire semester?

With the exception of all-school or independent travel, and the fall break period (students usually travel during this time), you will stay with your host family the entire semester.

What courses will I be taking?

You’ll be enrolled in a set of courses that will fulfill your College of Arts and Sciences first-semester requirements. In the past, a typical schedule has included a First Year Forum, a writing course, and a Spanish language course. Course information for fall  will be sent by Syracuse Abroad later this spring.

What documents are required to study in Spain?

You’ll need a current passport and a Spanish student visa:


If you do not have a passport, or your passport expires before June 2019, you need to get a new one as quickly as possible. We strongly advise using the expedited service so that you receive your passport in time to participate in Syracuse Abroad’s group submission of visa applications to the Spanish Consulate (see below for details). For information on U.S. passports, visit

Student Visa

Once you have matriculated, Syracuse Abroad will email you a visa information packet. Syracuse Abroad coordinates group visa submission through the Spanish Consulate, although some students may need to apply independently on a case-by-case basis. Please note that it takes four to six weeks during June and July for the consulate to process a student visa and return your passport with the visa to you. If you have plans to travel overseas before you go to Spain, you may not be eligible to participate in the group submission.
Instructions on preparing your visa application will be sent electronically to all students who matriculate into Discovery Madrid. Even if you have not yet accepted your offer of admission, we strongly advise that you have a valid passport and can be without it from June through July.

Where can I learn more about Syracuse Madrid?

You’ll receive more information soon about options for visiting campus for an Admitted Student Reception and virtual events with Admissions and Syracuse Abroad staff. If you have questions, please contact your Discovery Madrid advisor, Mary Fedorko, at

Madrid, here I come! What is my frst step?

To confrm your participation in the Discovery Madrid program, please submit the online AAF and advanced payments by February 15 for early decision students and May 1 for regular decision students. Please refer to your acceptance email from the Syracuse Offce of Admissions for instructions. Once you matriculate into the program, you can look forward to receiving your Discovery Madrid Acceptance Packet. You will also receive information on group fights to Madrid and instructions on obtaining your Spanish student visa.

Planning Budget 2019-2020

Below is an estimated budget for Discovery Madrid, including an estimated $4,315 grant. For easy reference, the Discovery Madrid budget is compared to an estimated Main Campus budget .
Fall 2019 Discovery Madrid Estimates
Billable Costs
Billable Costs
Billable Costs
Program Fee* (average)
Billable Costs
Billable Costs Total
Billable Costs
Other Expenses (average)
Billable Costs
Books and Supplies
Billable Costs
Additional Meals
Billable Costs
Roundtrip Airfare
Billable Costs
Visa Fees
Billable Costs
Personal Expenses and Travel
Billable Costs
Other Expenses Total
Billable Costs
Total Cost of Attendance (est.)
Billable Costs
Less Discovery Madrid Grant** ($4,315)

Health Insurance

$1,730 (estimate)

The 2019-2020 health insurance rate is not currently available. Therefore, the 2018-2019 health insurance rate is listed. This mandatory fee may be waived if student has adequate private health insurance.

*Program Fee

  • Signature Seminar “Mapping Madrid”
  • Post-acceptance/pre-departure materials and advising
  • All-school orientation, cultural activities, general field trips
  • Signature Seminar, including accommodations with breakfast and some group meals
  • Students placed with host family receive 14 meals weekly
  • International Student ID Card and a transportation allowance
  • Includes services not covered by tuition and for which a separate fee is not charged
  • Syracuse Abroad Insurance includes emergency travel insurance
  • Membership with International SOS Assistance, a medical and security advisory service
  • One year digital subscription to the New York Times

**Discovery Madrid Grant

Provided to all students participating in the Discovery Madrid semester to cover the increased personal costs of studying abroad. It will be applied to your account as part of your overall fnancial aid package prior to billing.

Charges for tuition, program fee, course fees, and Signature Seminar are fxed and billed through the Syracuse University bursar system. Other expenses are estimated, based on current information, and are subject to change due to infation and fuctuating exchange rates.

Other financial aid may be available. Visit  for more information.