​Financial Aid Staff

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs staff offers so much more than just a presentation of facts and figures.

They’re here to help you assemble your budget and remove any barriers that may stand in the way of your collegiate goals. Meet the staff that’s dedicated to helping you realize your dream to attend Syracuse University, as well as offering financial literacy training that will improve your life now and for many years to come.


Nikki Howard PortraitNikki Howard
Undergraduate Counselor
Last name: A to C



Laurie Russo PortraitLaurie Russo
Undergraduate Counselor
Last name: D to H



Laura OrtizLaura Ortiz
Undergraduate Counselor
Last name I to M



Benjamin OceanBenjamin Ocean
Undergraduate Counselor
Last name: N-SH



Tamara White PortraitTamara White
Undergraduate Counselor
Last name: Si to Z



Stephanie Allen PortraitStephanie Barlow  
Assistant Director, External Resources
Tuition Benefits



Shelley Crawford PortraitShelley Crawford
Assistant Director
POSSE, HEOP, SSSP & other programs/partnerships



Jaclyn Collins PortraitJaclyn Collins
Assistant Director
Transfer Students & Undergraduate Veterans



Cynthia Roach PortraitCynthia Roach
Assistant Director
Graduate Students



Kara Cabiles PortraitKara Cabiles
Assistant Director
Athletic Awards



Maximo Flint-Morgan PortraitMax Flint-Morgan
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Scholarships, Haudenosaunee Promise, Phanstiel



Benita Rodriguez PortraitBenita Rodriguez
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Scholarships/Awards, External Scholarships, Say Yes, & ROTC



Derek Brainard PortraitDerek Brainard
Financial Literacy Coordinator



Patricia Hennigan PortraitPatricia Ann Hennigan
Senior Assistant Director



Patricia Johnson PortraitPatricia Johnson
Associate Director



Ernest Matthews III PortraitErnest Matthews III
Financial Aid Assistant



Sayyed Brown portraitSayyed Brown
Financial Aid Assistant



Philip Irvine PortraitPhillip Irvine
Financial Aid Assistant



Sarah Russell portraitSarah Russell
Financial Aid Assistant