Pre-Veterinary Track

As a student of pre-veterinary medicine at Syracuse University, you will apply your passion for scientific study and animal welfare to disease prevention and providing care to sick and injured animals in a variety of settings.

Syracuse combines stimulating and challenging courses with a gifted faculty dedicated to ensuring you have the kind of education and experience that employers and graduate schools desire.

Pre-vet advising


Course work covers biology, genetics, and public health. Sample courses include:

  • Organic Chemistry and Labs
  • Upper Division Biology
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • English
  • Calculus/Statistics

Practical Experience

As a Syracuse student, you’ll gain valuable experience through internships, student organizations, and research opportunities.

  • Participate in faculty-generated research projects through the Undergraduate Research Program.
  • Explore the more than 50 research groups in life sciences, physics, psychology, and communication sciences and disorders.
  • Join For The Animals (FTA) which helps you reach your goal of becoming a veterinarian by sponsoring animal-related volunteer programs and offering advice on academics and veterinary school applications.
  • Pursue a clinical or volunteer experience at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, located just a few miles from campus.
  • Become a member of the Syracuse Animal Rights Organization (SARO) a student group dedicated to public education and activism concerning animal rights.

Study Abroad

Broaden your perspective and enhance your resume with a study abroad experience. Consistently ranked among the top 25 international education providers in the U.S., Syracuse Abroad has more than 100 programs in 60 countries.

The courses you’ll take through Syracuse Abroad meet the core requirements of your major. Some of the many opportunities for students in pre-veterinary medicine include:

  • OTS Duke South Africa - Kruger National Park, South Africa
    • Designed for biology majors but open to all disciplines, the program features visiting scientists who will help you develop an understanding of issues related to ecology and conservation.
  • SEA Semester - Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and various locations
    • Spend six weeks on land and six weeks at sea studying chemistry, biology, physics, and geology of the oceans, as well as designing your own research project.

Life After Syracuse University

As a graduate with a pre-veterinary track, you can:

  • Pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM or VMD) degree
  • Embark on a career in a variety of fields, including:
    • Ecology
    • Forestry
    • Wildlife rehabilitation
    • Environmentalism
  • Join protective services like the World Wildlife Federation or PETA