Pre-Dentistry Track

As a dentist, you’ll play a critical role in the early detection of diseases and ailments, which manifest in the mouth and surrounding areas.

Dental advancements and emerging treatment technologies make dentistry a constantly evolving and exciting field. Often referred to as an art, dentistry requires a mastery of technique and aesthetic focus.

With help from your advisors at Syracuse, your highly personalized pre-professional journey will be designed to help you accomplish your goals, whether they include entering medical school, dental school, or another field entirely. Students in the pre-dentistry track often major in biology, chemistry, nutrition science, or public health.  

Pre-dentistry advising


Course work covers biology, organic chemistry, and anatomy. Sample courses include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Nutrition
  • Health Psychology
  • Epidemiology
  • Microbiology/Immunology

Practical Experience

Syracuse University is among the nation’s top research universities. As an undergraduate, you have many opportunities to participate in research with faculty and the University’s many pre-health student organizations.

  • The National Institutes of Health’s Summer Research Experience Program will expose you to research procedures with guidance from scientists. You’ll also conduct research in laboratory investigation and attend lectures and seminars.
  • Shadows of Health (SOH) provides you with experience in the health field by coordinating shadowing opportunities with local health professionals, as well as hosting speakers and fundraises for local health charities.
  • Global Brigades/Global Medical Brigades’ Syracuse team recruits student volunteers and medical professionals, gathers medicine and supplies, and travels overseas to perform medical brigades in underserved communities.
  • Operation Smile @ SU is devoted to raising awareness for the worldwide children’s medical charity Operation Smile.

Study Abroad

Broaden your perspective and enhance your resume with a study abroad experience during your college years. Consistently ranked among the top 25 international education providers in the U.S., Syracuse Abroad has more than 100 programs in 60 countries.

Some of the many opportunities for students in pre-dentistry include:

  • SIT India: Health and Human Rights - New Delhi, India
    • Explore the links between public health and human rights with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations.
  • American University Nairobi: Public Health - Nairobi, Kenya
    • Includes study at Nairobi University and the Turkana Basin Institute. Students complete an internship or independent research project.
  • SIT South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy - Durban, South Africa
    • Focus on topics such as the relationship between traditional healing and state-of-the-art medicine, prenatal care, access to health care, and health education.

Life after Syracuse University

As a graduate with a pre-dentistry track, you can:

  • Pursue your Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
  • Choose from one of the many specialties in dentistry, including endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, pediatric dentistry, or prosthodontics.

While most dentists are engaged in general dentistry in the private sector, there are opportunities available in hospitals, community clinics, research, dental education, and public health fields.