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Short-Term Programs: Summer and Academic Breaks

The world out there won't wait. Why should you?

In addition to full semester programs, Syracuse Abroad offers summer programs and one- to three-week programs at various times of the year.

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Short-Term Programs: Summer

Choose from more than 30 summer programs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Summer programs are available to both Syracuse University students and students from other colleges and universities.

Short-Term Programs: Academic Breaks

Short-term programs that run during winter or spring academic breaks, or in the first several weeks of summer, are available only to Syracuse University students. These programs are the travel components of Syracuse University courses offered on the home campus or online during the semester. To participate in a short-term study abroad experience during academic breaks, you must enroll in the regular semester course associated with it. The program fee may cover the cost of round-trip transportation.

Why Syracuse Abroad?

Students from all over the world choose Syracuse Abroad for its academic excellence, unique programming and dedicated faculty and staff. Syracuse Abroad offers flexible study options and generous financial aid so you can build the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed anywhere.

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Meet with Your Academic Advisor.

Whether you're still deciding if studying abroad is right for you or you've already made a decision to study abroad, meeting with your academic advisor early in the process can help you to select the program that best fits your academic track.

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