Santiago, Chile

From the top of the Andes to the Southern Cone, this two-site program is your gateway to the diversities of South America.

Colorful storefront in Santiago

Begin in Cuenca, Ecuador, where you’ll advance your Spanish language skills in an environment that mixes a largely indigenous culture with Spanish heritage. Then you’ll be bound for Santiago—Chile’s vibrant capital. The city boasts more than 6 million residents and a wealth of cultural and education resources, including its top two universities, Universidad de Chile and Pontificia Universidad Catolica, where you will be taking classes.

Note: At least three semesters of college-level Spanish are required for application to this program.

Explore Santiago


Students will take courses at Syracuse's Santiago Center, with an additional immersion program in Ecuador required for students who have completed less than two years of college-level Spanish and who need additional language instruction and/or review prior to study in Chile. Classes are taught in Spanish.

Internship Opportunities

Offered during spring (March to June) and fall (August to November) semester, professional development internships in Santiago are available to graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

The program features challenging internships and researchships with NGOs, government agencies, and private-sector offices involved in international trade, gender and minority issues, social work, sociology, journalism, commerce, and banking. Former students have interned at the American Chamber of Commerce, the UN Economic Commission for South America and the Caribbean, the U.S. Embassy, the Ford Foundation, and FLACSO. Education students have also worked in Chilean schools. Students must be proficient in Spanish and commit to working at least 30 hours per week.

Talk to Recent Syracuse Santiago Students

Santiago global ambassadors worked hard on their Spanish language skills, formed close bonds with Syracuse Santiago staff, and learned about Latin American history—ask them about Santiago!