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London, England

Come study abroad in London, a global megacity with unsurpassed social and ethnic diversity. The art, theater, music and fashion scenes in London influence trends and set global standards, and the City—shorthand for the financial district—is one of the world’s great economic and business hubs.

While in London, take courses toward your major along with unique classes that take full advantage of the city’s rich cultural and historical resources. Yes, you will see this stunning city from an iconic double-decker red bus and the London Eye, but you’ll delve deeper, too. Study in London opens a gateway to the world.

London Bridge view from Thames River

Syracuse London Courses

Syracuse London classes are based in the academic heart of the city at Faraday House. You can expect a curriculum that is rigorous, innovative and distinguished by the same exceptional standards that apply in every other aspect of a Syracuse University academic experience. Your courses may fulfill curricular requirements so you can stay on track to graduate on time. Explore a range of topics across disciplines at the center.

Study in Depth

Each Syracuse Abroad center offers depth in particular areas of study. At Syracuse London, these include:

  • British and global media
  • Architecture
  • Creative industries; visual and performing arts
  • International business
  • Information management
  • Computer science
  • Design
  • Urban history and globalism
  • Diversity and cultural identity
  • Psychology
  • Sport management
  • Gender and sexuality

Wondering if Syracuse London is the right fit for you? Refine your Syracuse Abroad options  to discover the program that best fits your academic goals.

Tourists huddle beneath British flag umbrellas (they sell them there) during a London summer rainstorm near the Houses of Parliament. A dark cloudy typical summer day

Semester Programs

Syracuse London course offerings include fine arts, political science, and women’s and gender studies, among many other options. Or take part in a Syracuse London program tailored to your area of study in architecture, design, drama or computer science.

Inside of the train station in London

Summer Programs

Customize your summer program in London by choosing from an array of courses. To take full advantage of the city, most of your courses will feature field trips and excursions. (3-6 credits)

View inside Covent Garden in London

Travel with Purpose

The Syracuse London program includes one of three seminars that allow you to travel to neighboring countries and gain in-depth understanding of cultural, political and environmental issues through experiential learning, reflection and discussion.

Person in kayak on a river in England running between two stone houses

At Home in London

Your Syracuse Abroad experience is enhanced through your housing options. In London, you will live in a flat set up by the Syracuse London program, which gives you the chance to be part of a community and share experiences with new friends.

View of Big Ben from the Thames River

World Ready. Career Ready.

Interested in an internship in London? Use this as an opportunity to apply classroom lessons to real work situations, explore career options and develop professional skills. Our on-­site internship coordinator will work with you to find the placement that best suits your interests and qualifications through established relationships in many business sectors of London.

Students sit on a lion statue in London

Can I Afford to Study Abroad?

Yes! We work with you to make studying abroad within reach. Your financial aid package may apply to study abroad, plus there are other assistance options, including scholarships, grants and awards.

Connect with Syracuse Abroad through general advising sessions or program appointments. Drop-in or schedule a virtual or in-person advising session at SyracuseAbroad@Bird Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or, schedule an appointment to meet with a Syracuse Abroad program advisor. View all advising options View all advising options.