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Can I Afford to Study Abroad?

Syracuse University is committed to making the Syracuse Abroad experience possible for all students. Your financial aid package may apply to Syracuse Abroad, and there are a host of other assistance options, including named scholarships, grants and awards.

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Cost and Aid by Program

Semester Programs

Fees and estimated living expenses vary by program and location.

World Partner Affiliated Programs

Students studying abroad with a World Partner Affiliated Program pay the standard Syracuse University semester tuition plus a program fee. Program fees and estimated out-of-pocket expenses vary widely by program.

Short-Term Programs: Academic Breaks

Students studying abroad for a short-term program pay no additional tuition charge for the overseas program, as long as they have not exceeded the 19-credit limit for the semester. A program fee is charged to cover the cost of round-trip transportation, accommodations, group meals, ground transportation, and other activities and services for which a separate fee is not charged. Fees vary by program and are listed on the individual program pages.

Short-Term Programs: Summer

Syracuse Abroad summer program students pay University tuition and a program fee. Program fees usually cover the cost of housing, ground transportation, group meals, and other activities and services for which a separate fee is not charged. Meals, personal transportation and activities not related to the program are the responsibility of the student. Fees vary by program and are listed on the individual program pages.

Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships

Syracuse University has generous financial aid policies. For Syracuse University students, Syracuse Abroad works with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs . There are need-based  grants and named scholarships  available for Syracuse students. Visiting students should check with their home study abroad offices for institutional grants that apply. All students should visit the  Grants and Aid section of our website for more information. Syracuse Abroad also maintains an extensive list of outside scholarships available to its students.

Payment Plans and Information

Spring and fall participants have the option to apply for a monthly payment plan .
Advance payment is required to secure your place in the program (visiting, short-term and summer students only). Advance deposits are deferred for eligible semester students enrolled in select schools .

Other Expenses

Your Syracuse Abroad advisor can help you understand other expenses to consider while planning for your adventure. The expenses not covered by your tuition and program fee could include groceries, personal items, transportation (such as local bus or taxi fare or transportation to and from another destination during your time abroad) and other living and entertainment expenses.
If you are a Syracuse University student, you can contact the Office of Financial Literacy for help planning expenses while studying abroad.

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