Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the great cities of this century, with its high concentration of historical treasures and wealth of creative talent. You’ll revel in its deep and dramatic history, and marvel at its modern face and explosive growth.


Students from all over China compete for admission to Beijing’s universities. No young Chinese musician, artist, or actor has truly made it until they’ve made it in the capital. What will Beijing be like for you? There is no language prerequisite to study at SU Beijing.

Explore Beijing


Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, the academic program features field study with on-site lectures in Beijing and other cities, Mandarin language study, courses taught in English, and other options for those proficient in Mandarin.

Internship Opportunities

Part-time internship opportunities may be available to qualified students whose schedules allow time to commit to a 1-3 credit internship. Placements in Beijing include a Chinese NGO, English language publications, international public relations firms, human service organizations, and various English teaching opportunities. Possible organizations include the Chi Heng Foundation (which serves children impacted by AIDS), True Run Media, and Ogilvy & Mather public relations firm.

Students who choose not to pursue an internship may participate in non-credit community engagement, which entails short-term or one-time projects, such as assisting with special activities at a vocational school for migrant families.

Talk to Recent SU Beijing Students

Beijing global ambassadors volunteered at vocational schools, traveled independently throughout China, and worked hard to learn Mandarin—ask them anything about Beijing.