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Thanksgiving ’Cuse Trolley—Orange Loop

11-22-21 to 11-24-21 stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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Irving Garage (Stadium Pl.)Quad LotNational Veterans Resource Center (NVRC)University Ave. North LotSchine Student CenterComstock Ave. GarageDellplain (University Pl.)College Place Bus ShelterFlint HallShaw Hall (Euclid Ave.)Barnes Center at the ArchForestry GateBBB on Van BurenCampus WestHenry St. LotLawrinson Garage
06:40 AM06:45 AM06:48 AM06:51 AM06:53 AM06:55 AM06:57 AM06:59 AM07:03 AM07:05 AM07:07 AM07:10 AM07:12 AM07:13 AM07:14 AM07:15 AM
07:20 AM07:25 AM07:28 AM07:31 AM07:33 AM07:35 AM07:37 AM07:39 AM07:43 AM07:45 AM07:47 AM07:50 AM07:52 AM07:53 AM07:54 AM07:55 AM
08:00 AM08:05 AM08:08 AM08:11 AM08:13 AM08:15 AM08:17 AM08:19 AM08:23 AM08:25 AM08:27 AM08:30 AM08:32 AM08:33 AM08:34 AM08:35 AM
08:40 AM08:45 AM08:48 AM08:51 AM08:53 AM08:55 AM08:57 AM08:59 AM09:03 AM09:05 AM09:07 AM09:10 AM09:12 AM09:13 AM09:14 AM09:15 AM
09:20 AM09:25 AM09:28 AM09:31 AM09:33 AM09:35 AM09:37 AM09:39 AM09:43 AM09:45 AM09:47 AM09:50 AM09:52 AM09:53 AM09:54 AM09:55 AM
10:00 AM10:05 AM10:08 AM10:11 AM10:13 AM10:15 AM10:17 AM10:19 AM10:23 AM10:25 AM10:27 AM10:30 AM10:32 AM10:33 AM10:34 AM10:35 AM
10:40 AM10:45 AM10:48 AM10:51 AM10:53 AM10:55 AM10:57 AM10:59 AM11:03 AM11:05 AM11:07 AM11:10 AM11:12 AM11:13 AM11:14 AM11:15 AM
11:20 AM11:25 AM11:28 AM11:31 AM11:33 AM11:35 AM11:37 AM11:39 AM11:43 AM11:45 AM11:47 AM11:50 AM11:52 AM11:53 AM11:54 AM11:55 AM
12:00 PM12:05 PM12:08 PM12:11 PM12:13 PM12:15 PM12:17 PM12:19 PM12:23 PM12:25 PM12:27 PM12:30 PM12:32 PM12:33 PM12:34 PM12:35 PM
12:40 PM12:45 PM12:47 PM12:49 PM12:51 PM12:52 PM12:54 PM12:56 PM01:03 AM01:05 AM01:06 AM01:09 AM01:11 AM01:12 AM01:13 AM01:14 AM
01:20 PM01:25 PM01:28 PM01:31 PM01:33 PM01:35 PM01:37 PM01:39 PM01:43 PM01:45 PM01:47 PM01:50 PM01:52 PM01:53 PM01:54 PM01:55 PM
02:00 PM02:05 PM02:08 PM02:11 PM02:13 PM02:15 PM02:17 PM02:19 PM02:23 PM02:25 PM02:27 PM02:30 PM02:32 PM02:33 PM02:34 PM02:35 PM
02:40 PM02:45 PM02:48 PM02:51 PM02:53 PM02:55 PM02:57 PM02:59 PM03:03 PM03:05 PM03:07 PM03:10 PM03:12 PM03:13 PM03:14 PM03:15 PM
03:20 PM03:25 PM03:28 PM03:31 PM03:33 PM03:35 PM03:37 PM03:39 PM03:43 PM03:45 PM03:47 PM03:50 PM03:52 PM03:53 PM03:54 PM03:55 PM
04:00 PM04:05 PM04:08 PM04:11 PM04:13 PM04:15 PM04:17 PM04:19 PM04:23 PM04:25 PM04:27 PM04:30 PM04:32 PM04:33 PM04:34 PM04:35 PM
04:40 PM04:45 PM04:48 PM04:51 PM04:53 PM04:55 PM04:57 PM04:59 PM05:03 PM05:05 PM05:07 PM05:10 PM05:12 PM05:13 PM05:14 PM05:15 PM
05:20 PM05:25 PM05:28 PM05:31 PM05:33 PM05:35 PM05:37 PM05:39 PM05:43 PM05:45 PM05:47 PM05:50 PM05:52 PM05:53 PM05:54 PM05:55 PM