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SY530 Downtown to Dewitt

Route Schedule

Monday - Friday stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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RouteCentro HubHub BayE. Washington St. and S. State St.Irving Ave. / E. Genesee St.Syracuse UniversityEuclid Ave. / Westcott St.Westcott St. / E. Genesee St.Nottingham High SchoolMenorah ParkE. Genesee St./Jamesville Rd.Wegmans DeWittKinne St./Erie Blvd.Widewaters Pkwy /Bridge St.Walmart-E. Syracuse
33005:40 AMA205:42 AM05:49 AM05:56 AM06:02 AM06:06 AM--06:13 AM06:17 AM---
13007:05 AMA207:07 AM07:14 AM07:21 AM07:27 AM07:31 AM07:36 AM------