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Summer Break Centro SU44 (College Place to Skytop)

Route Schedule

Monday-Friday stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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RouteCollege PlaceComstock LotColvin LotSkytop Office Building
-06:55 AM06:58 AM06:59 AM07:04 AM
-07:15 AM07:18 AM07:19 AM07:24 AM
-07:35 AM07:38 AM07:39 AM07:44 AM
-07:55 AM07:58 AM07:59 AM08:04 AM
-08:15 AM08:18 AM08:19 AM08:24 AM
-08:35 AM08:38 AM08:39 AM08:44 AM
-04:16 PM04:19 PM04:20 PM04:25 PM
-04:36 PM04:39 PM04:40 PM04:45 PM
-04:56 PM04:59 PM05:00 PM05:05 PM
-05:16 PM05:19 PM05:20 PM05:25 PM