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Centro SU343 (East Genesee St.-Westcott St.)

Route Schedule

Weekdays stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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RouteCollege Place   Syracuse Stage-Community Folk Art CenterE Genesee St & S Crouse Ave    E Genesee St & Westcott St      Westcott St & Euclid Ave College Place
3437:28 AM7:31 AM7:33 AM7:45 AM
3437:45 AM7:52 AM7:53 AM7:56 AM7:58 AM8:10 AM
3438:10 AM8:17 AM8:18 AM8:21 AM8:23 AM8:35 AM
3438:35 AM8:42 AM8:43 AM8:46 AM8:48 AM9:00 AM
3439:05 AM9:12 AM9:13 AM9:16 AM9:18 AM9:30 AM
3439:35 AM9:42 AM9:43 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM10:00 AM
34310:05 AM10:12 AM10:13 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM10:30 AM
34310:35 AM10:42 AM10:43 AM10:46 AM10:48 AM11:00 AM
34311:05 AM11:12 AM11:13 AM11:16 AM11:18 AM11:30 AM
34311:35 AM11:42 AM11:43 AM11:46 AM11:48 AM12:00 PM
34312:05 PM12:12 PM12:13 PM12:16 PM12:18 PM12:30 PM
34312:35 PM12:42 PM12:43 PM12:46 PM12:48 PM1:00 PM
3431:05 PM1:12 PM1:13 PM1:16 PM1:18 PM1:30 PM
3431:35 PM1:42 PM1:43 PM1:46 PM1:48 PM2:00 PM
3432:05 PM2:12 PM2:13 PM2:16 PM2:18 PM2:30 PM
3432:35 PM2:42 PM2:43 PM2:46 PM2:48 PM3:00 PM
3433:05 PM3:12 PM3:13 PM3:16 PM3:18 PM3:30 PM
3433:35 PM3:42 PM3:43 PM3:46 PM3:48 PM4:00 PM
3434:05 PM4:12 PM4:13 PM4:16 PM4:18 PM4:30 PM
3434:35 PM4:42 PM4:48 PM4:51 PM4:53 PM5:05 PM
3435:05 PM5:12 PM5:13 PM5:16 PM5:18 PM5:30 PM