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Martin Luther King Day SU443

College Place to Warehouse stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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College PlaceArchbold GymHenry & Van BurenSyracuse StageCenter of ExcellenceWarehouse
7:30 a.m.7:31 a.m.7:34 a.m.7:39 a.m.7:41 a.m.7:48 a.m.
8:10 a.m.8:11 a.m.8:14 a.m.8:19 a.m.8:21 a.m.8:28 a.m.
8:50 a.m.8:51 a.m.8:54 a.m.8:59 a.m.9:01 a.m.9:08 a.m.
9:30 a.m.9:31 a.m.9:34 a.m.9:39 a.m.9:41 a.m.9:48 a.m.
10:10 a.m.10:11 a.m.10:14 a.m.10:19 a.m.10:21 a.m.10:28 a.m.
10:50 a.m.10:51 a.m.10:54 a.m.10:59 a.m.11:01 a.m.11:08 a.m.
11:30 a.m.11:31 a.m.11:34 a.m.11:39 a.m.11:41 a.m.11:48 a.m.
12:10 p.m.12:11 p.m.12:14 p.m.12:19 p.m.12:21 p.m.12:28 p.m.
12:50 p.m.12:51 p.m.12:54 p.m.12:59 p.m.1:01 p.m.1:08 p.m.
1:30 p.m.1:31 p.m.1:34 p.m.1:39 p.m.1:41 p.m.1:48 p.m.
2:10 p.m.2:11 p.m.2:14 p.m.2:19 p.m.2:21 p.m.2:28 p.m.
2:50 p.m.2:51 p.m.2:54 p.m.2:59 p.m.3:01 p.m.3:08 p.m.
3:30 p.m.3:31 p.m.3:34 p.m.3:39 p.m.3:41 p.m.3:48 p.m.
4:10 p.m.4:11 p.m.4:14 p.m.4:19 p.m.4:21 p.m.4:28 p.m.
4:50 p.m.4:51 p.m.4:54 p.m.4:59 p.m.5:01 p.m.5:08 p.m.
5:30 p.m.5:31 p.m.5:34 p.m.5:39 p.m.5:41 p.m.5:48 p.m.
6:10 p.m.6:11 p.m.6:14 p.m.6:19 p.m.6:21 p.m.6:28 p.m.
6:50 p.m.6:51 p.m.6:54 p.m.6:59 p.m.7:01 p.m.7:08 p.m.
7:30 p.m.7:31 p.m.7:34 p.m.7:39 p.m.7:41 p.m.7:48 p.m.
8:10 p.m.8:11 p.m.8:14 p.m.8:19 p.m.8:21 p.m.8:28 p.m.
8:50 p.m.8:51 p.m.8:54 p.m.8:59 p.m.9:01 p.m.9:08 p.m.
9:30 p.m.9:31 p.m.9:34 p.m.9:39 p.m.9:41 p.m.9:48 p.m.
10:10 p.m.10:11 p.m.10:14 p.m.10:19 p.m.10:21 p.m.10:28 p.m.
10:50 p.m.10:51 p.m.10:54 p.m.10:59 p.m.11:01 p.m.11:08 p.m.
11:30 p.m.11:31 p.m.11:34 p.m.11:39 p.m.11:41 p.m.11:48 p.m.
12:10 a.m.12:11 a.m.12:14 a.m.12:19 a.m.12:21 a.m.12:28 a.m.
12:50 a.m.12:51 a.m.12:54 a.m.12:59 a.m.1:01 a.m.1:08 a.m.
1:30 a.m.1:31 a.m.1:34 a.m.1:39 a.m.1:41 a.m.1:48 a.m.
2:10 a.m.2:11 a.m.2:14 a.m.2:19 a.m.2:21 a.m.2:28 a.m.
Warehouse to College Place stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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WarehouseCenter of ExcellenceSyracuse StageCollege Place
7:48 a.m.7:56 a.m.7:58 a.m.8:08 a.m.
8:28 a.m.8:36 a.m.8:38 a.m.8:48 a.m.
9:08 a.m.9:16 a.m.9:18 a.m.9:28 a.m.
9:48 a.m.9:56 a.m.9:58 a.m.10:08 a.m.
10:28 a.m.10:36 a.m.10:38 a.m.10:48 a.m.
11:08 a.m.11:16 a.m.11:18 a.m.11:28 a.m.
11:48 a.m.11:56 a.m.11:58 a.m.12:08 p.m.
12:28 p.m.12:36 p.m.12:38 p.m.12:48 p.m.
1:08 p.m.1:16 p.m.1:18 p.m.1:28 p.m.
1:48 p.m.1:56 p.m.1:58 p.m.2:08 p.m.
2:28 p.m.2:36 p.m.2:38 p.m.2:48 p.m.
3:08 p.m.3:16 p.m.3:18 p.m.3:28 p.m.
3:48 p.m.3:56 p.m.3:58 p.m.4:08 p.m.
4:28 p.m.4:36 p.m.4:38 p.m.4:48 p.m.
5:08 p.m.5:16 p.m.5:18 p.m.5:28 p.m.
5:48 p.m.5:56 p.m.5:58 p.m.6:08 p.m.
6:28 p.m.6:36 p.m.6:38 p.m.6:48 p.m.
7:08 p.m.7:16 p.m.7:18 p.m.7:28 p.m.
7:48 p.m.7:56 p.m.7:58 p.m.8:08 p.m.
8:28 p.m.8:36 p.m.8:38 p.m.8:48 p.m.
9:08 p.m.9:16 p.m.9:18 p.m.9:28 p.m.
9:48 p.m.9:56 p.m.9:58 p.m.10:08 p.m.
10:28 p.m.10:36 a.m.10:38 p.m.10:48 p.m.
11:08 p.m.11:16 p.m.11:18 p.m.11:28 p.m.
11:48 p.m.11:56 p.m.11:58 p.m.12:08 a.m.
12:28 a.m.12:36 a.m.12:38 a.m.12:48 a.m.
1:08 a.m.1:16 a.m.1:18 a.m.1:28 a.m.
1:48 a.m.1:56 a.m.1:58 a.m.2:08 a.m.
2:28 a.m.2:36 a.m.2:38 a.m.2:48 a.m.