Centro Sy530 (Downtown to Dewitt)

Route Schedule

Monday-Friday stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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RouteCentro Transit HubHub BayWashington St and State StSyracuse StageCollege PlaceWestcott St and Euclid AveWestcott and E. GeneseeNottingham H.S.Menorah ParkE. Genesee St. and Jamesville Rd.Wegmans PlazaShopping Town Mall
3306:05 a.m.A26:09 a.m.6:14 a.m.6:21 a.m.6:27 a.m.6:31 a.m.6:38 a.m.6:42 a.m.
3306:35 a.m.A26:39 a.m.6:44 a.m.6:51 a.m.6:57 a.m.7:01 a.m.7:08 a.m.7:12 a.m.
1307:20 a.m.A27:24 a.m.7:29 a.m.7:36 a.m.7:42 a.m.7:46 a.m.7:51 a.m.
5308:05 a.m.A28:09 a.m.8:14 a.m.8:21 a.m.8:27 a.m.8:31 a.m.8:38 a.m.8:42 a.m.8:50 a.m.
5309:25 a.m.A29:29 a.m.9:34 a.m.9:41 a.m.9:47 a.m.9:51 a.m.9:59 a.m.10:02 a.m.10:07 a.m.
53010:30 a.m.A210:34 a.m.10:39 a.m.10:46 a.m.10:52 a.m.10:56 a.m.11:03 a.m.11:07 a.m.11:15 a.m.
53011:50 a.m.A211:54 a.m.11:59 a.m.12:06 p.m.12:12 p.m.12:16 p.m.12:23 p.m.12:30 p.m.
53012:55 p.m.A212:59 p.m.1:04 p.m.1:11 p.m.1:17 p.m.1:21 p.m.1:29 p.m.1:32 p.m.1:36 p.m.1:44 p.m.
5302:20 p.m.A22:24 p.m.2:29 p.m.2:36 p.m.2:42 p.m.2:46 p.m.2:54 p.m.2:57 p.m.3:01 p.m.3:09 p.m.
5303:25 p.m.A23:29 p.m.3:34 p.m.3:41 p.m.3:47 p.m.3:51 p.m.3:58 p.m.4:05 p.m.
5304:10 p.m.A24:14 p.m.4:19 p.m.4:26 p.m.4:32 p.m.4:36 p.m.4:43 p.m.4:47 p.m.4:55 p.m.
5304:40 p.m.A24:44 p.m.4:49 p.m.4:56 p.m.5:02 p.m.5:06 p.m.5:13 p.m.5:17 p.m.5:25 p.m.
5305:15 p.m.A25:19 p.m.5:24 p.m.5:31 p.m.5:37 p.m.5:41 p.m.5:48 p.m.5:52 p.m.6:00 p.m.
5305:45 p.m.A25:49 p.m.5:54 p.m.6:01 p.m.6:07 p.m.6:11 p.m.6:18 p.m.6:25 p.m.
23010:20 p.m.A210:24 p.m.10:29 p.m.10:36 p.m.10:42 p.m.10:46 p.m.10:53 p.m.