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Centro SU345 (Thurber Street)

Route Schedule

Monday - Friday stops

Checked stops will appear in the time table below.

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RouteCollege PlaceJamesville Ave. and Vincent St.Ainsley Ave. and Ball CircleThurber St. & Alden St.Jamesville and VincentCollege Place.1
345--07:43 AM07:45 AM07:46 AM07:55 AM
345--07:56 AM07:58 AM07:59 AM08:08 AM
34507:55 AM08:00 AM08:08 AM08:10 AM08:11 AM08:20 AM
34508:11 AM08:16 AM08:21 AM08:23 AM08:24 AM08:33 AM
34508:20 AM08:25 AM08:35 AM08:37 AM08:38 AM08:47 AM
34508:38 AM08:43 AM08:48 AM08:50 AM08:51 AM09:00 AM
34508:47 AM08:52 AM09:02 AM09:04 AM09:05 AM09:14 AM
34509:04 AM09:09 AM09:14 AM09:16 AM09:17 AM09:26 AM
34509:14 AM09:19 AM09:27 AM09:29 AM09:30 AM09:39 AM
34509:29 AM09:34 AM09:39 AM09:41 AM09:42 AM09:51 AM
34509:39 AM09:44 AM09:52 AM09:54 AM09:55 AM10:04 AM
34509:54 AM09:59 AM10:04 AM10:06 AM10:07 AM10:16 AM
34510:04 AM10:09 AM10:17 AM10:19 AM10:20 AM10:29 AM
34503:09 PM03:14 PM03:19 PM03:21 PM03:22 PM03:31 PM
34503:31 PM12:00 AM03:41 PM03:43 PM03:44 PM03:53 PM
34503:53 PM03:58 PM04:03 PM04:05 PM04:06 PM04:16 PM
34504:15 PM04:20 PM04:25 PM04:27 PM04:28 PM04:37 PM
34504:37 PM04:42 PM04:47 PM04:49 PM04:50 PM04:59 PM
34504:59 PM05:04 PM05:09 PM05:11 PM05:12 PM05:21 PM