344 South Campus to College Place Spring Semester

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RouteGoldstein Student CenterWinging Ridge Road Rd. NSlocum Dr / Lambreth LnSmall Rd / Lambreth LnManley SouthManley NorthCollege Place
3449:50 AM9:51 AM9:54 AM9:56 AM9:59 AM10:00 AM10:05 AM
34410:30 AM10:31 AM10:34 AM10:36 AM10:39 AM10:40 AM10:45 AM
34411:10 AM11:11 AM11:14 AM11:16 AM11:19 AM11:20 AM11:25 AM
34411:50 AM11:51 AM11:54 AM11:56 AM11:59 AM12:00 PM12:05 PM
34412:30 PM12:31 PM12:34 PM12:36 PM12:39 PM12:40 PM12:45 PM
3441:10 PM1:11 PM1:14 PM1:16 PM1:19 PM1:20 PM1:25 PM
3441:50 PM1:51 PM1:54 PM1:56 PM1:59 PM2:00 PM2:05 PM
3442:30 PM2:31 PM2:34 PM2:36 PM2:39 PM2:40 PM2:45 PM
3443:10 PM3:11 PM3:14 PM3:16 PM3:19 PM3:20 PM3:25 PM
3443:50 PM3:51 PM3:54 PM3:56 PM3:59 PM4:00 PM4:05 PM
3444:30 PM4:31 PM4:34 PM4:36 PM4:39 PM4:40 PM4:45 PM
3445:10 PM5:11 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:19 PM5:20 PM5:25 PM
3445:50 PM5:51 PM5:54 PM5:56 PM5:59 PM6:00 PM6:05 PM
3446:30 PM6:31 PM6:34 PM6:36 PM6:39 PM6:40 PM6:45 PM
3447:10 PM7:11 PM7:14 PM7:16 PM7:19 PM7:20 PM7:25 PM
3447:50 PM7:51 PM7:54 PM7:56 PM7:59 PM8:00 PM8:05 PM
3448:30 PM8:31 PM8:34 PM8:36 PM8:39 PM8:40 PM8:45 PM
3449:10 PM9:11 PM9:14 PM9:16 PM9:19 PM9:20 PM9:25 PM
3449:50 PM9:51 PM9:54 PM9:56 PM9:59 PM10:00 PM10:05 PM