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Our official brand font is Sherman.

The Sherman typeface was originally designed for the publisher Frederic F. Sherman by typographer Frederic W. Goudy in 1910. After the death of Sherman and new ownership by his niece, Elizabeth Sherman Engelhardt, original proofs and remaining metal type were donated to Syracuse University for use exclusively by its faculty and students.

The donation was a result of Ms. Engelhardt’s recognition of the relationship between Goudy and Syracuse. This included the first medal for distinguished service (specifically for an achievement in typographic design), which was presented to Goudy in 1936, as well as an honorary degree, and the foundation of a new typographic laboratory at the University.

The Sherman typeface was brought back to life and digitally redrawn by Chester Jenkins in 2016. Chester is an American type designer and founder of the type foundry, Village, in New York City.


Sherman is available in Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans. Both include book and bold styles, as well as italics.

Sherman Sans: Bold, fresh, welcoming. Should be used prominently in our communications.

Sherman Serif: Plays a supportive, selective role in contexts where we want to emphasize academic excellence and prestige.

No other typeface should be used in proximity or in combination with these fonts when communicating the core brand.

In special circumstances when a new typeface needs to be introduced, approval from the Division of Marketing and Communications is required.

Primary typeface

Sherman Sans Book Typography
Sherman Sans Bold Typography

Sherman Sans is the primary typeface of Syracuse University. It can be used as a display or text font, however, using it as a display font is preferred.

No other sans serif typeface should be used in combination with or in place of Sherman.

All styles of Sherman Sans:

  • Sherman Sans Book
  • Sherman Sans Book Italic
  • Sherman Sans Bold
  • Sherman Sans Bold Italic

Supporting Typeface

Sherman Serif Book Typography

Sherman Serif is the supporting typeface of Syracuse University. Like the sans, it can be used as a display or text font, however, using it as a text font in support of Sherman Sans is preferred.

No other serif typeface should be used in combination with or in place of Sherman Serif.

Lining numerals set as the default, but when appropriate, old style figures can be used.

All styles of Sherman Serif:

  • Sherman Serif Book
  • Sherman Serif Book Italic
  • Sherman Serif Bold
  • Sherman Serif Bold Italic


Our typographic language can be accomplished by simply using smart choices when it comes to hierarchy and applying emphasis.

To exemplify our voice, use Sherman Sans for hero messages and headlines, and Sherman Serif for subheadlines. Always use approved color combinations to meet our web accessibility standards, and avoid using orange for body copy.

This is a framework to begin applying our typefaces, but the guidelines should not restrict possible variations and expressive use of the typography.