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PowerPoint Templates

Two custom Syracuse University branded template themes have been developed to use for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.


Sherman Theme

Example cover slide of PowerPoint theme using Sherman Serif typeface

Verdana Theme

Example cover slide of PowerPoint theme using Verdana Serif typeface

Template Fonts

Some helpful information to keep in mind regarding fonts used in the templates:

  • Templates using the University’s Sherman fonts are preferred and should be used if your presentation will be authored and managed entirely by faculty, staff or students from Syracuse University.

    Note: Sherman must be installed on your computer before you can use this template. This also means that the computer used to display the PowerPoint should have Sherman installed. If you plan to download your presentation to a portable storage device, such as USB flash drive, and display it on an outside computer, then the system font template should be used.

  • System font templates should also be used if collaborators outside of Syracuse University will be involved in authoring content within the presentation. This will ensure font compatibility issues are avoided.

Presentation Tips

Some basic tips to keep in mind when creating your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Keep it simple. You want your audience to listen to what you are saying, not be caught up on reading the screen. If you want to ensure finer details are captured, consider distributing notes after the presentation (and let your audience members know these notes will be coming their way). This way, their attention will be focused where it should be—on you.
  • Limit bullet points & text (embrace white space). Screen content should provide cues for your speaking points, and triggers for the audience to remember the key points of your presentation. In both cases, it’s best to limit the volume of content on each screen.
  • Limit transitions & builds (animation).
  • Make it visual—use high-quality graphics that enhance meaning.
  • Avoid reading from your slides. You’re presenting because of your expertise. Take the opportunity to connect with your audience and share what you know.

Accessibility Reminders

Inclusion is an important part of the Syracuse University story and is integral to our brand expression. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating accessible PowerPoint presentations:

  • Using the slide layouts provided within the Syracuse PowerPoint templates will help ensure that your file has correctly structured headings and lists, and proper order for screen reading devices.
  • Ensure that font size and color contrast is sufficient.
  • Use alternative (ALT) text for photos and images.
  • If you include text boxes that are not a part of the template slide layout, check the order for screen readers remains intact.
  • If you have embedded video, ensure that the video is captioned, and that the player controls are accessible.
  • If you have embedded audio, include a transcript.