Brand Lock-ups

There are three variations of lock-up configurations used to graphically represent Syracuse University and its operational units and entities.

Artwork for University divisions, departments, and offices is provided by the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Primary Configuration

Primary lock-up configuration

The visual structure for our brand architecture is determined by the proportions of our wordmark. In the University primary configuration, a second line of text can be inserted with a cap-height equal to the x-height of our wordmark.

Any department, in any capacity, associated with the University can adopt this primary configuration. This should be considered the “boilerplate” way of displaying any University-associated entity.

Primary lock-up configuration example

Secondary Configuration

Secondary lock-up configuration

For University activities that require more emphasis in certain environments, a secondary configuration can be applied. This can be accomplished by a second line of text, with the cap-height equaling the cap-height of the wordmark.

Departments, groups, etc. that use this configuration should be limited to 1-2 words.

Secondary lock-up configuration example

Tertiary Configuration

Tertiary lock-up configuration

In cases where a third line of information is required, the tertiary configuration can be applied. This simply follows the primary configuration’s structure, with an additional line of text set in Sherman San Book as the same cap-height.

Activities such as sub-departments, fellowships, centers, and the like would be applied to this configuration.

Tertiary lock-up configuration example