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Desktop Fonts

Sherman serif and Sherman sans are available to all students, faculty, and staff for personal and educational use.

Computers on the campus network include the installation of Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans. To use the fonts on a computer that is not part of the (active directory) network, follow the download link in the sidebar.

The Sherman fonts are owned by Syracuse University and must not be altered or redistributed without approval from the Division of Marketing and Communications.

System Fonts

When sending editable documents to external stakeholders who do not have the brand font downloaded, or when the brand font is not available, use Verdana in place of Sherman Sans and use Georgia for Sherman Serif.

Examples of these applications include Google Docs and e-mail. Additionally, for editable documents that are shared externally, where audiences may not have downloaded Sherman Sans and Sherman Serif, Verdana and Georgia may be used. Examples of these applications include PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Verdana Bold font thumbnail
Verdana Regular font thumbnail
Georgia Regular font thumbnail