Brand Assets

The wordmark, seal, and block-S are the University’s central brand elements.

The Brand Assets ZIP archive includes a comprehensive set of University artwork. The seal and wordmark variants are provided in each of the approved colors in EPS file format.


Typeset in Sherman Serif Book, our wordmark is the central element from which all of our visual elements are drawn. When used as a logo (and not embedded within text) the official vector artwork should be used.

Primary wordmark featuring 'syracuse university' on one line

University Seal

Official University seal, including the motto and 1870 founded dateOur seal is a strong part of the tradition and heritage of the University. Its Latin motto translates to “Knowledge crowns those who seek her.”

Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans are the only typefaces represented in the seal. Like our wordmark, it has been drawn with particular relationships between type and line thicknesses—in order to maintain consistency, the seal should never be altered or recreated.


Block-S logoThe block-S can be used to extend and enrich the brand to a familiar audience in certain special scenarios, such as signage or University awareness campaigns. These designs are considered special exceptions and should be approved by the Division of Marketing and Communications.

For more information on the use of the block-S, please contact the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.