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Brand Assets

The primary logo, heritage logo, and block-S are the University’s central brand elements.

The Brand Assets ZIP archive includes a comprehensive set of University artwork. The seal and wordmark variants are provided in each of the approved colors in EPS file format.

Our primary logo consists of two key elements: our logo symbol, which we call the “Block S,” and our full name set as a wordmark. The primary logo should be applied in most contexts.

Horizontal one-line logo

Our official wordmark is typeset in Sherman Serif Book. The letters of the wordmark have been set with specific spacing and weighting, which cannot be recreated by simply typing it out. Therefore, when the wordmark appears as part of the logo—either as a lock-up or relationship—always use the official artwork.

There are four acceptable variations of the primary logo, each suited for specific applications.

Official University seal, including the motto and 1870 founded dateThe heritage logo combines our laurel, university motto and founding date in the form of a seal. The heritage logo can be used in certain applications to elevate a sense of prestige. Environments could include academic ceremonies (e.g., convocation), achievements (e.g., diplomas, certificates) and awards.


Block-S logoThe Block S can be used to extend and enrich the brand to a familiar audience in certain special scenarios, such as signage or University awareness campaigns.

Our standard Block S is solid and does not contain an outline. This version should be applied in most contexts, ideally in Syracuse University Orange.

Amplified Block S

Amplified Block-S logoIn environments where high contrast is required (e.g., basketball court, broadcast television) or where our school spirit and pride is heightened (e.g., athletics, apparel), the amplified Block S may be used. While the amplified Block S can be applied in the context of athletics, it should never appear in a lock-up for Syracuse University overall or its schools and colleges.

Amplified Variations

Amplified Block S variations

These designs are considered special exceptions and should be approved by the Division of Marketing and Communications.

For more information on the use of the block-S, please contact the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.