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Visual Identity

Syracuse University’s visual identity is bold and dynamic, reflecting how we connect exploration and action to go beyond what’s possible.

A street pole banner with the words

Our toolkit includes our logo, color palette, typography and graphic elements, creating a distinct visual language that can be used in a variety of ways.

By establishing foundational elements that can be flexed across contexts and channels, these guidelines help us show, and not just tell, Syracuse University’s story of impact.

Brand Lock-Ups

The brand lock-ups guidelines are yet to be established. While many of the brand guidelines are provided here, full establishment of our brand identity is an evolving process. Check here for updates and additional resources for brand lockups in the coming months. Continue to use your existing lock-up until new configurations are available.

There are three variations of lock-up configurations used to graphically represent Syracuse University and its operational units and entities.


Our color palette expresses Syracuse University’s distinct personality and pride. Therefore, it’s important to use only these colors to create a consistent and powerful visual identity for the University as a whole.

Orange and blue are our primary university colors, with Syracuse University Orange playing the most dominant role in our identity and community. For added flexibility and vibrancy, our secondary palette offers complementary shades of orange and blue, which can add dimension or be used as accents.


Includes:  Desktop FontsWeb Fonts

Sherman is our official brand font. Sherman is available in Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans. Both include book and bold styles, as well as italics.


A universal stationery system has been designed to work across the broad spectrum of needs throughout the University. The core stationery suite consists of letterhead, envelopes, business cards, notepads, and notecards.

Email Standards

Includes:  Formatting InstructionsSample Signatures

To standardize email protocol, the availability of contact information, and adherence to accessibility guidelines, email clients should be configured according to the set criteria.

PowerPoint Templates

Two custom Syracuse University branded template themes have been developed to use for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Trademark Licensing

The Office of Trademark Licensing has been established to manage use of University marks.