Syracuse University


Special Program/Course Procedures

Syracuse University Abroad (SUAb)

If you are attending Syracuse University Abroad (SUAb), plan to meet with your academic advisor prior to going abroad. Registration for the next main campus term will take place while you are abroad and you'll use MySlice to enroll in classes via the internet. The home colleges will advise their students on the proper procedure just prior to the start of registration. You are responsible for clearing all holds prior to registration. SUAb students who do not register during the registration period may not register until the first day of classes. Such students must follow late registration procedures and will be charged the late registration fee. Once you are accepted to a SUAb program you should not register for main campus classes for the semester in which you will study abroad. Once SUAb notifies the Registrar's Office you have been accepted for study abroad, if you have already registered for the future semester, the registration will be canceled. Schedules will not be reinstated if you subsequently decide not to participate in the SUAb program, and you would then follow late registration procedures.