Syracuse University


Special Program/Course Procedures

Registration for a class outside your (Undergraduate) academic career

Students may register for classes that are outside of their career with the approval of the department offering the class and their academic program, school, or college. 

Procedure: To register for a 600-or-above-numbered class undergraduates need to submit a petition with approval of the department offering the class and their home school/college. Students who want to take a course as restricted graduate credit, with the intention of later applying it toward an SU graduate degree or certificate program, must also obtain verification from their school/college of their remaining credits, cumulative gpa, and a statement that the course is not required for complete of their undergraduate degree. 

The petition must then be approved by the Graduate School. Approved petitions must be submitted to the Registrar's Office, 106 Steele Hall, by the Add deadline. (Note that the Petition to the Faculty form will override the career (graduate) restriction only; additional clearance may be needed from the department offering the class.)