Syracuse University


Additional Registration Opportunities

Continuing Graduate (I have taken no breaks in my studies.)

  • Registration: April 4  - September  6*

Readmitted Graduate (I am returning after a leave or withdrawal.)

  • Registration: April 4 - September  6

New Graduates (I am new to the University.)

  • Registration: August 1  - September  6

*Continuing Graduate students who are not registered for any classes by Sunday, August 28 (11:59pm), are considered a late registrant and will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

Flexible session classes – If the first day of the flexible class has not passed and you have registered for other regular session classes, you will not be charged a $50 late registration fee. But, if your initial successful registration for the term is for a flexible session class and the add deadline for the term has passed, you will be charged a $50 late registration fee

Use this table to determine eligibility and how you should register based on your status and campus.

Population Register:
University College (UC)
Extended Campus (School of Education)
  • Part-time 
  • Full time
Yes No No
Non-Matriculated No Yes No
Non-Matric taking ONLY Extended Campus Courses No No Yes
Non-Matriculated taking a combination of:
  • Extended Campus
  • Other Courses
Yes No No