Syracuse University


The University's final examination policy

The assigned final examination day and time assignment is not subject to change. The University examination schedule in place was developed to avoid the possibility of conflict in a student's examination schedule. Deviating from this schedule creates an additional burden for both the student and the classroom inventory. With the exception of a room change request, changes to the examination schedule must be submitted first through your chair and/or dean and then submitted to the University Registrar for approval.

The factors governing this policy are the Vice Chancellor and Provost's concern that our student and faculty colleagues not be harmed by the good intentions of others in changing their examination time, that students have adequate study time during Reading Days, and that the University comply with the New York State instructional contact requirement.

Details of the academic calendar for your syllabus planning can be found in the Schedule of Classes, the University College tabloid, and at the Registrar's Office final exam information page. Your specific exam schedule can be viewed in MySlice (see instructions.)

Also see Final Examinations and Reading Days Scheduling.