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Schedule of Classes Usage Notes


The Schedule of Classes (SC) is in PDF format and can be downloaded for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader or viewed with your Web browser (for example, Netscape or Internet Explorer) if your browser has a PDF reader plug-in.

The PDF SCs are current as of the dates specified on the SC page. The interactive and updated MySlice Class Search functionality is the only source for completely current class schedule information.

The SC is formatted for printing on between 120-150 letter size pages. It contains bookmarks which operate as a table of contents for the document. (To view these bookmarks you may need to enable the bookmarks feature of your PDF reader application.)

Preferrably, download the SC to your computer where you can more quickly access it. You may download the document on most computers by right-clicking its link and selecting Save Target As.., selecting the location you would like to save the documents, and clicking OK.

Return to the SC page for appropriate links.

Get Adobe Reader

If your browser does not have the Reader plug-in, you will receive an error when attempting to open the document. To install the plug-in, continue to the following steps.

Installing the Reader plug-in

Please print or save this web page before starting to install the Reader plug-in.

  1. Click the Get Adobe Reader icon or link to go to the Adobe web page.

    Get Adobe Reader

  2. Follow the installation instructions on the Adobe web page.
  3. After the installation, return to the SC page.

The document will open within your browser.

NOTE You can now view any PDF documents from the web.


Bookmarks in Adobe Reader allow immediate access to topical and course subject headings in this document. If bookmarks do not automatically appear to the left, you may open them using the Bookmark button at the left of the Reader window or clicking the menu item View - Navigation Panels - Bookmarks.

Adobe 8bookmark button

Adobe 7Bookmark Tab


There are two primary ways to search the PDF.

  • Find or Ctrl+F is particularly useful if you know the subject and catalog number of a course, for example SPM 315

    Adobe 8 Search Box Graphic

    Adobe 7 Find Toolbar Graphic

  • Search or Ctrl+Shift+F may be more useful if you want to browse for a subject or topic of interest.
    Find Dialog graphic


  • You can easily print an entire school or college's class listing by opening its respective PDF from the SC page.
  • If you want to print a single subject, first determine the page numbers for that subject (using the index or by browsing to the subject.) Then when you print enter the desired page range in the print dialog.
    Set page number graphic

Adobe reference

For a more complete overview of Adobe Reader's functionality see Adobe's website: