Syracuse University

Cultural and Social Opportunites

The Syracuse Area Middle East Dialogue Group was formed over 20 years ago by seven representatives of each of three communities: Palestinians, Jews, and concerned “others.” Over those two decades, the Dialogue Group has worked locally, nationally and internationally to promote a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

The Office of Student Life supports 300 recognized student organizations, including the Chabad House, Hellil Jewish Student Union, Muslim Student Association and the Turkish Student Association. Recognized student organizations are integral to the educational process at Syracuse University.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs supports and promotes the academic achievement, multicultural competence, social development, civic engagement, and retention of students of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups at SU.

The Division of Student Affairs supports the student experience through a comprehensive set of programs designed to enhance learning, maximize responsible community engagement and promote the health and wellness of all students.