Syracuse University

Salute to Service

30 Years of Service

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Annette Bailey
Janitor, Physical Plant Custodial West

Claudia Bement
Administrator, Real Estate Operations

Pat Bench
Office Supervisor, Library Acquisitions & Cataloging

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Alicia Caradulis
Assistant Director, Payroll Service Center

Bruce Carter
Associate Professor, Falk College,
Child & Family Studies

Neal Coffey
Production Manager, Video Production Unit

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Meg Cortese
Process Analyst, Registrar

Timothy Davis
Facilities Maintenance, Physical Plant

Joanne Dubar
Budget Director, Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics

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Cheryl Ficarra
Associate Dean, College of Law

Cynthia Hoalcraft
Senior Project Manager, Enterprise Process Support

Christina Julian
Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing

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Robin Light
Welder, Physical Plant/Machine Shop

Marika Maalouf
Secretary/Office Coordinator, Psychology

Nick Marasco
Instructional Tech Consultant, WAER-FM

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Andrew Mrozienski
Captain, Department of Public Safety

Judy O'Rourke
Director/Undergraduate Studies, Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Tony Parente
Painter, Physical Plant/Paint Shop

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Steven Richards
Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, Steam Station

Raymond Sahm
Office Assistant, Bookstore

Karla Salmonsen
Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing

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Eric Schiff
Professor, Physics

Debbie Sheley
Supervisor, Housekeeping/Custodial

Kathy Sikora
Office Supervisor, Physical Plant

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Sherbert Smith
Janitor, Physical Plant Custodial

Larry Tavlarides
Professor, BMC Engineering

Gary Widger
Supervisor, Food Services