Syracuse University

Salute to Service

On March 29, faculty, staff and senior administrators gathered in the Schine Student Center Underground for the 2012 Salute to Service breakfast, held each year to honor long-time employees for their dedication to SU. Employees are invited to attend the event after completing their 25th year at the University, and every five years afterward. This year, 35 faculty and staff were honored for passing the 25 year mark in 2011. Also honored were six who have served 40 years, two who have served 45, and one -- Associate Professor of Philosophy Mark Brown -- who has served SU for 50 years.

Chancellor Nancy Cantor presented honorees with a Tiffany plate marking their years of service. Each posed for a photo with the Chancellor. Photos of the attendees are featured below and on the following pages, grouped by years of service and listed alphabetically by name. Congratulations to all, including those who were unable to attend the ceremony, for your many years of service to Syracuse University!

Salute to Service 30 years

Salute to Service 35 to 50 years


25 Years of Service

DSC_0823 DSC_0825 DSC_0827

Bronwyn Adam
Director of Faculty Development, Academic Administration

Dee Bailey
Supervisor, Parking & Transit Services

David Balitz
Director of Financial Analysis, Enrollment Management

DSC_0830 DSC_0831 DSC_0834

John Bartlett
Electronics Tech, Physical Plant

Kathleen Bradley
Manager, SU Bookstore

Carol Cavalluzzi
Library Technician, Library

DSC_0835 DSC-0838 DSC_0840

Susan Dean
Secretary/Office Coordinator, Whitman

Antonina Distefano
Instructor, Languages, Literature and Linguistics

James Duah-Agyeman
Director, Student Support/Diversity, Multicultural Affairs

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Craig Dudczak
Associate Professor, CVPA/Whitman

Peter Englot
Associate Vice President, Public Affairs

Douglas Freeman
Director, Purchasing & Real Estate

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Elijah Galloway
General Maintenance, Physical Plant

Prasanta Ghosh
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Bob Hartley
Associate Comptroller

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David Hoalcraft
Information Tech Analyst, ETG-Skytop

Michelle Johnson
Janitor/Special Assignment, Physical Plant

Veronica Kearse
Baker, Commissary Bake Shop

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Karen Kirkhart
Professor, Social Work, Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics

Michelle Lapierre
Supervisor, Food Services

Susan Madigan
Senior Secretary, Food Services

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Brian Martens
Professor, Psychology

Dawn McDonough
Attendant, Parking & Transit Services

Allen Moltrup
Groundskeeper, Physical Plant

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Karen Patzer
Supervisor, Food Services

Rich Pitzeruse Jr.
Information Tech Consultant, AASC

Nancy Prince
Functional Applications Specialist, Registrar

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Chris Stathatos Jr.
Computer Consultant, Engineering Dean's Office

Wade Stringer
Director, Information Technology & Services

Kempton Taylor
Laborer, Physical Plant-Grounds Maintenance

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Mary Telesca
Program Administrator, Audit and Management Advisory Services

Bonnie Townsend
Purchasing Specialist, Purchasing

Bob Wilson
Director, Supportive Services

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Melissa Yandon
Supervising Stock Clerk, Materials/Warehouse

Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri
Communications Coordinator, Education-Center on Human Policy