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As a service to the academic departments and to the teaching assistants across the campus, the TA Program provides a number of techniques to gather formative and summative information about the classroom, recitation/discussion, laboratory or studio session(s).

While use of the various forms is optional, we strongly encourage TAs to consider using at least one of these techniques to gain insights about their students' perceptions. The information provided by the students will help the users to reflect on elements of their teaching that may need refining or improving. We would also encourage discussing the results of these techniques with your faculty mentor, course supervisor or an experienced peer. Moreover, the results may also be included with materials for those creating a teaching portfolio.

PDF's with information:

The Graduate School will continue to offer the pre-printed feedback forms (bubble sheets) for use in the classroom, laboratory, recitation/discussion or studio session(s) and for those serving as graders as a summative evaluation option -- to employ a more standardized teaching evaluation tool to determine whether changes made as a result of the informal, self-administered mid-semester formative techniques took effect. The information provided by the survey results will help the users to reflect on elements of their teaching that may still need refining. Discussing the results of the survey with a faculty mentor, course supervisor or experienced peer is highly encouraged. These forms will be analyzed by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment on behalf of the Graduate School and ready for inclusion in the user's teaching portfolio.

Bubble Sheet Samples (PDFs):

Sample Forms (The below forms open in Word)

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