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International Graduate Students


Syracuse University’s Graduate School is proud to recognize its growing number of international students from over 130 countries throughout the world. The presence of international students in classrooms and throughout campus builds a strong sense of international awareness and promotes an appreciation of worldwide issues.   In addition, international teaching assistants encourage their students to think globally, adding immeasurably to the value and relevance of their education. Below are some features underlining the unique experiences of international students and highlighting their academic leadership and achievement at Syracuse University.


International Student Video Project—Coming Soon!

International students have very unique experiences with the English language in their native countries, the United States and other countries while traveling abroad. The International Student Video Project aims to identify the diverse language experiences of international graduate school at Syracuse University.


International Student Spotlight—Coming Soon!

International graduate students contribute greatly to collegiate discussions and academic scholarship at Syracuse University. Each month, the Graduate School will highlight the work and achievements of one outstanding international graduate student. Look for updates beginning in April!


Notable International Graduate Alumni—Coming Soon!

International graduate students go on to do great things in the United States and in their home countries.   Here is a list of successful international graduate student alumni.   


English Language Proficiency Services Coordinator

Danielle Montagne The Graduate School is happy to introduce the department’s English Language Proficiency Services Coordinator, Danielle Montagne.  Danielle grew up in Syracuse and holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  She spent three years teaching English in the South Bronx through a New York City Teaching Fellowship.  In 2011, Danielle received a Fulbright Grant to teach English at Mediterranean University in Montenegro.  The following year, she traveled to Belarus on an English Language Fellowship and taught at Minsk State Linguistic University. She currently teaches undergraduate courses within the Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Department at Syracuse University.

In her English Language Proficiency Services Coordinator position, Danielle works closely with the Graduate School’s international teaching assistants and students.  Her main goal is the meet the linguistic, academic and social needs of international students in the Graduate School.  Danielle looks forward to meeting all of the international students enrolled throughout campus in Graduate School programs. Please feel free to stop by to visit her at 220 Bowne Hall!