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About the FPP

The foundation for Syracuse University's Future Professoriate Program was laid in 1987 with the Teaching Assistant Program of the Graduate School. The program soon became one of the premier models for Teaching Assistant training in the United States, featuring an intensive summer orientation for more than 300 new TAs and a variety of year-round services for more than 850 TAs holding appointments in ten schools and colleges.


Despite its success, we recognized that something was missing. The program was designed to guide Teaching Assistants in their immediate duties, but we knew that students headed for faculty careers needed more to succeed. Our Teaching Assistants needed guidance from faculty members in their academic disciplines. We had to integrate teaching, research and service skills with their graduate experiences. Prospective faculty needed exposure to all aspects of the teaching life—professional and personal.

In 1992, nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) and The Pew Charitable Trusts allowed us to implement our ideas. With this funding, the Graduate School of Syracuse University launched its new concept in graduate education in all of its doctoral programs and in many master's programs.

Students, faculty, and administrators from across campus came together with two fundamental goals:

  • To prepare graduate students for the range of responsibilities they will assume as members of the professoriate;
  • To effect a change in faculty culture by fostering recognition of the importance of teaching as a dimension of graduate education.

The Future Professoriate Program had become a reality! Today the FPP is based on a partnership between the Graduate School and participating academic departments/units. The Graduate School provides a general framework for the program and performs some administrative and coordinating functions, while the departments implement programming, mentoring relationships, and other activities tailored to the disciplinary environment and professional needs of their students. The FPP provides students with the experience, confidence, and documented performance they need to excel as faculty in higher education. We produce candidates who not only get jobs, but quickly become indispensable to the departments, colleges, and universities they join and to the students they teach.

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The Graduate School Press In order to promote excellence in scholarship and teaching, the Graduate School maintains a book publication program providing resources on topics relevant to graduate education and the university classroom.

International Graduate Students The Graduate School provides many academic programs and community initiatives to support the educational experiences of international graduate students and to highlight their academic achievements at Syracuse University.