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Funding Options



Welcome to Syracuse University, where the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs has a rich history of providing students access to a private education. We understand that college is an investment, and our office works hard to make it as affordable as possible.

Explore their site for a fuller description of our financial aid programs and application process. Their experienced staff is available year round to assist you throughout the financial aid process.

Financial Support from Syracuse University 

The vast majority of funding for graduate study at Syracuse University is determined at the departmental level. Professors in your specific discipline are in the best position to determine if and how you will receive merit-based support from the University. Possibilities for funding include: University Fellowships, graduate assistantships, (teaching, research, and administrative), and scholarships. Please consult your faculty advisor, graduate program director, or department chair directly for information regarding any of these funding sources listed below.


Our general deadline is January 1st, but if you are seeking financial support from Syracuse University you should note the program specific deadlines on your admission application instructions. If you are a new student who wishes to be considered for a Fellowship, your application and supporting documentation must be received by January 1st. If a departmental application deadline is prior to January 1, you will need to meet the earlier deadline. It is important that your application is complete, because assistantship and scholarship decisions are made only after all admissions materials are received. If you are a continuing student, you should contact your department chair or graduate program director during the fall semester to inquire about consideration for financial support for the following year.

  • Syracuse University Graduate Fellowships

    SU Graduate Fellowships consist of a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship (up to 30 credits for the academic year). Where appropriate, they are awarded for more than one academic year. Multi-year awards typically include a year of fellowship followed by a year of teaching or research assistantship, followed by a third year of fellowship support. Fellows are appointed annually, primarily from among incoming graduate students, although some returning students entering the final year of a terminal degree program at Syracuse (e.g. M.F.A. or Ph.D.) receive these awards. If you are a currently enrolled student wishing to be nominated for these fellowships, you should consult your academic department.

  • Syracuse University African American Studies Graduate Fellowships

    You might also be eligible for an African-American Studies Fellowship. African American Studies Fellowships are intended for any U.S. Citizen or permanent resident students whose graduate study requires the integration of African American/Pan African studies, and who will make an intellectual contribution to the life of the Department of African American Studies. These Fellowships include a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship (up to 30 credits for the academic year). African American Fellows are required to enroll in at least one three-credit graduate course each semester in the African American Studies Program for the duration of their award. These Fellowships are awarded for one academic year and are usually not typically re-awarded for consecutive academic years. If you are interested in applying for these awards, you must send a letter of intent to the African American Studies Program. Current graduate students must be nominated for these awards by their academic department. You should indicate your interest in this award on your graduate school application, which should be submitted no later than January 1.

  • STEM Fellowships

    If you are from an underrepresented group (African American, Hispanic or Native American) and are applying for doctoral programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Syracuse University offers single and multiple-year fellowships to U.S. citizens and permanent residents from. To be eligible for these awards, you must be nominated by your academic department.

  • McNair Scholars Program

    Syracuse University annually funds up to six McNair Fellowships, with preference given to those applying for doctoral programs. The Fellowships consist of a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship (up to 30 credits for the academic year). To be eligible for consideration, you must be either from an underrepresented group (African American, Hispanic or Native American) or have been a McNair Scholar at your undergraduate institution. You must have already been admitted into a Syracuse University graduate program and formally nominated by their department to be considered for the award. Please indicate your interest in being considered for these fellowships by checking the appropriate box on the application form.

  • Hursky Fellowship

    If you are a full-time, matriculated/or admitted graduate student of Ukrainian background enrolled in either the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs or the College of Arts and Sciences, or a Syracuse University graduate student whose area of study is the Ukraine or includes Ukrainian topics, you are eligible to be considered for a Hursky Fellowship. Preference is given to students whose study includes Ukrainian language and literature, Ukrainian linguistics, and/or culture. The Fellowship honors the legacy of Professor Jacob Hursky and his wife Valentina, and includes a stipend of and a tuition scholarship for 24 credits for the academic year and the following summer. Students receiving the award are known as Hursky Fellows.

    Learn more about the biography of Professor Hursky, supporting the Hursky Fund, and applying for the Hursky Fellowship.

  • GEM Fellowships

    If you are considering graduate study in engineering or the sciences, then you should know about GEM. GEM is a program of the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. and provides Fellowships in an engineering or science discipline at any GEM member institution. African American, Latino American, and Native American students are eligible to compete for these portable fellowships.

    These funds are provided by corporations, and include Fellowship stipends and some tuition. Graduate schools provide the remainder of the tuition and sometimes supplement the stipends with their own funds. For more information about the program and how to apply, students should contact: The National GEM Consortium 1430 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, or visit their website:

  • Syracuse University Graduate Assistantships

    You might also be interested in SU's Graduate Assistantship opportunities. Each year we offer over 1,400 graduate assistantships to full-time matriculated graduate students to serve as teaching, research or administrative assistants. Graduate students holding a full assistantship work for an average of twenty hours a week during the academic year. The department making the appointment determines the salary the assistant receives, and many graduate assistants also receive tuition scholarships.

    In searching for an assistantship, start with your academic department. This offers the best chance of finding an opportunity related to your program of study. If you are unable to locate opportunities in your home department, your faculty advisor, graduate program director, or department chair may be able to advise you of other options.

  • Graduate School Scholarships

    Syracuse University awards merit scholarships on the recommendation of your academic department. Scholarships provide tuition credited directly to your bursar account. These do not include a stipend. Scholarships may be awarded for some or all of your tuition in a given year. These awards carry with them the expectation that you will maintain a minimum academic standard (3.0 grade point average or higher each term) and make satisfactory progress toward your degree. Contact your department chairperson or faculty advisor for more information.

  • Syracuse University Travel Grant Program

    Many academic departments use their own funds to help graduate students defray the costs of travel to present original work at a conference. Contact your department to determine the availability of funds for this purpose.

  • Syracuse University Research and Creative Project Grant Competition

    If you are interested in carrying out independent research or creative projects during the summer, Syracuse University¿s Graduate School holds a competition held each year for this purpose, administered by the schools and colleges of Syracuse University. Students interested in this competition are encouraged to contact their respective school or college for complete guidelines.

  • Other Sources of Support from Syracuse University

    You know that some academic departments and schools or colleges at Syracuse have endowed resources of their own from which they may provide financial support to graduate students. The nature of these opportunities requires that you contact your department to determine whether such support may be available to you.