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Haudenosaunee Honor

The Haudenosaunee Honor Scholarship at Syracuse University began in the fall of 2013 as an extension of the Haudenosaunee Promise to recognize talented citizens and scholars of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, who do not meet the residency requirement of the Haudenosaunee Promise.  The Haudenosaunee Honor Scholarship carries the same prestige as the Haudenosaunee Promise.

Eligible students must be admitted to SU under regular admissions guidelines, be a Haudenosaunee citizen, and submit a scholarship application to the Office of Admissions by March 15 for consideration. 

The scholarship is equal to full tuition and mandatory fees and is renewable for up to four years (academic year only).  Renewal is based on regular University scholarship requirements for renewal.  Students interested in other forms of financial aid, must submit both the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and FAFSA to be considered.

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