Syracuse University

External Scholarships


  • TITLE: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

  • SPONSOR: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

  • ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must have started or completed art school training and/or demonstrate through past work and future plans a commitment to making art a lifetime career. Interested candidates must write, call or email.

  • AMOUNT: $10,000 (Canadian)

  • DEADLINE: Applications welcome throughout the year


  • ADDITIONAL INFO:Write or call: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation 1814 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite #1 Montreal, Quebec Canada H3H 1E4 Tel: 514-937-9225 Email: The purpose of the Foundation is to aid artists in the early stages of their careers. Awards are limited to candidates working in the following: Painting, Crewing, Printmaking and Sculpture.