Syracuse University

External Scholarships


  • TITLE: Syracuse University Alumni Club of Rochester Scholarship

  • SPONSOR: Syracuse University Alumni Club of Rochester

  • ELIGIBILITY: Any student at SU, or admitted student from the Rochester area who has completed six semesters of college education. The Rochester area is defined as Monroe County or a county contiguous thereto. All applicants must be available for a brief interview with the Scholarship Committee in June or July 2011.

  • AMOUNT: $1,000

  • DEADLINE: June 30


  • ADDITIONAL INFO:Please attach a brief bio that describes your experiences at SU (both academic and extracurricular) as well as your current and future plans. Also, please include a copy of your most recent transcript. Send the completed application and all supporting documents to: Syracuse University Alumni club of Rochester Scholarship Fund, c/o Eric Leinberg, Scholarship Chair, 9 Hawkes Trail, Websster, NY 14580-4210