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  • TITLE: Jeannette Rankin Foundation Grants for Women

  • SPONSOR: Jeannette Rankin Foundation Grants for Women

  • ELIGIBILITY: Applicant must be a low-income female, U.S. citizen who is 35 years of age or older as of March 1 in the year of application. Student must be pursuing a technical/vocational education, an associate's degree, or first bachelor's degree at an accredited school.

  • AMOUNT: $2000 (40)

  • DEADLINE: Postmarked before March 1


  • ADDITIONAL INFO:Visit the website to view the low-income guidelines. JRF also takes the following into consideration: realistic goals and the ability to reach those goals, individual courage in dealing with difficult situations, and the thoughtfulness with which to personal statement has been prepared. CONTACT: Jeannette Rankin Foundation 1 Huntington Road, Suite 701 Athens, GA 30606. (706) 208-1211 Email: