Syracuse University

Financial Aid Loans

Loan Worksheet

Use this worksheet to determine the amount of Federal Direct Graduate or Parent PLUS Loan (FPLUS)

Parents/graduate students are encouraged to budget their cost for the entire year to determine the amount of loan needed. Students should borrow their maximum eligibility in Federal Direct Loan(s) before applying for a FPLUS loan.

The FPLUS loan annual limit is determined by the following formula:

Syracuse University academic year cost of attendance, minus all other financial aid the student will receive.  (If the student is attending one semester only, then the FPLUS loan eligibility will be one-half of the annual amount.)

SU Cost of Attendance  $_________________

- Student's Financial Aid  _________________

= FPLUS Loan Eligibility   _________________

Calculate your estimated monthly loan repayment amount using an online loan repayment calculator. Select Direct PLUS, and enter the amount of the loan you wish to borrow.